June 13, 2024

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Amado Soumahoro, Speaker of the National Assembly, has died

Amado Soumahoro, Speaker of the National Assembly, has died

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The figure of Ivorian politics died this Saturday at the age of 68, according to a statement from President Alasan Vutara. The politician’s health has deteriorated in recent months, forcing him to hand over power to the legislature in the interim.

With our correspondent in Abidjan, CD Yansen

That evil that gripped him gripped him. Since being elected Speaker of the National Assembly in 2019, Amadu Soumahoro has faced health problems and increased his travels abroad for treatment, especially in Turkey. A disease that has not yet been officially released by the authorities.

The man in Perch returned to Abidjan at the end of March, but his absence at the start of next month’s parliamentary session did not bode well for his health.

At 68, Amado Soumahoro is one of President Alassane Ottara’s most trusted men. The co-founder of the ruling RDR party, now renamed the RHDP, was instrumental in establishing political formation in the north of the country.

On social media, the head of state ” Tribute to a great politician “,” A brave son “From Ivory Coast, and Adds Loss” A loyal companion, and a loyal and dedicated friend “.

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