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American Airlines CEO says ‘not a day goes by’ where the airline has no trouble providing enough pillows, blankets, cups and food for its flights


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  • Airlines face many challenges this summer, including a shortage of pilots causing flight delays and cancellations.

  • American Airlines says it’s facing many other shortages, too.

  • According to CEO Robert Isom, the company is having trouble every day providing pillows, blankets, plastic cups and food for trips.

While the shortage of pilots is wreaking havoc on airlines’ flight schedules, leading to waves of delays and cancellations, one airline says it is facing additional shortages affecting the customer experience on board.

American Airlines CEO Robert Isom told investors on an earnings call this week that the company struggles every day to provide many essential items offered to passengers for in-flight comfort, as it first reported before. a company

“One Piece Flyers” isom He said. “But … there is not a day that goes by where we have no problems supplying our planes with pillows, blankets, plastic cups and food. At different times, we have problems with refueling.”

He continued, “It’s just a myriad of things that all have to come together to put an airplane in the air. And yes, the aircraft parts supply chain is one of the things we monitor closely. But all of those other things are really what we monitor. It depends on many other parts of the the system “.

American Airlines did not immediately respond to Insider’s request for comment.

Regarding the pilot shortage, Esom reportedly said last month that the US will Salary increase for 14,000 pilots is higher than initially proposed To help mitigate recruitment challenges. The news came weeks after the carrier 100 regional planes were shot down because they didn’t have enough pilots to fly them.

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The Airlines Pilots Association (ALPA), an association that represents more than 14,000 pilots in rival United Airlines, Voted to approve the tentative agreement Last month, that would give pilots a 14.5% salary increase over 18 months, among other benefits, if certified.

Meanwhile, Delta Airlines has Announcing a new partnership With private airline Wheels Up to help pilots finish their training faster so airlines can hire them sooner.

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