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American Idol 2023: Who is Iam Tonji?  Iam Tongi wins

American Idol 2023: Who is Iam Tonji? Iam Tongi wins

“American Idol” has crowned a new winner.

Sunday night, during the three-hour finale, “Idol” declared Iam Tonji as the season 21 champion. Megan Danielle, a 20-year-old singer from Georgia, placed second.

Here’s a look back at Tonji’s run on the show.

Iam Tongi audition for “American Idol”

The audition for “American Idol” by Iam Tonji was the most watched of the season – by a landslide. Posted three months ago, it has already racked up 16 million views on YouTube. For his audition, 18-year-old Tonji, a high school senior from Hawaii, performed James Blunt’s “Monsters” and dedicated the performance to his father, who had died two months before the audition.

With emotion, Tonji told the “Idol” judges that his father was the reason he got into music. He carried his emotions into his performance and had judges Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan cry with his performance of the song.

I am not your son, you are not my father

We are just two grown men saying goodbye

No need to forgive, no need to forget

I know your mistakes and you know mine

And while you’re asleep, I’ll try to make you proud

So, dad, won’t you just close your eyes?

Fear not, it’s my turn to chase the monsters away

Tonji choked when he got to his last note – but he had already convinced the judges that he would be a strong contender in the “Idol” competition. His rendition of “Monsters” catapulted the song to the top of the iTunes charts, according to him Kent Reporter.

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“It struck a chord, and that’s what great storytellers do,” said Katy Perry. “It’s what great artists do, and your voice is so amazing.”

Brian added, “I can’t stand your heart breaking because of your father.” “Just seeing you miss your dad is upsetting. My God, man, you just got such a great voice. … You did everything so perfectly, and I love you.”

“You take this out into the world and it will break some souls,” Richie said.

Iam Tongi opens up about his father

After auditioning for “Idol”, Tonji spoke with the producers about how he and his father related to music, and how his father had long wanted him to audition for “American Idol”. In fact, Tongi had previously auditioned for Idol. In an interview with Kent ReporterTonji laughed, remembering his father’s reaction when he didn’t appear on the show.

“He was like, ‘Son. I need to talk to you. You should work on your music.'”

“My father, he was not the perfect man,” he added. “He wasn’t like a saint, or whatever. But he was the best dad I know. And I want everyone to know he’s a tough guy. He always told me the truth (and) always loved me. And I always loved him, too.”

Tonji said Kent Reporter He hadn’t initially planned to mention his father during the audition – he didn’t want to turn his “idol” audition into a sad story. But when he asked the judges about his family, he couldn’t help but feel emotional as he thought of his father.

“People thought I was crying because I miss him, but it’s because I hear him sing — I can hear his harmonies,” Tonji told “Idol” producers after his audition. “I know he is with me. Through my music he will always be with me.”

During his time in Tongan “idol” who is Member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day SaintsHe shared his faith on social media. In April, he cited the citation “The best is yet to comeof President Russell M. Nelson speaking at the General Convention. A few weeks later, he shared a video with a few other Idol contestants in their hotel room, singing a Latter-day Saint hymn. I need you every hour.

Iam Tongi Shows “American Idol”

Throughout his time on “Idol”, Tonji has performed a wide range of songs – including “Father and Son” by Cat Stevens, “Bring it On Home to Me” by Sam Cooke, and “Sound of Silence” by Simon and Garfunkel.

Recently, Tonji released his latest single, “I will see you. ”

Below are some of his performances during his ‘Idol’ career.

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