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An 11-year-old girl was gang-raped by a group of 6 teenagers in a shopping center bathroom


An 11-year-old girl spent weeks in the toilets of a shopping center in Badalona, ​​north of Barcelona, ​​Spain, taking her ordeal to heart.

An eleven-year-old girl was gang-raped by six teenagers in a shopping center north of Barcelona (Spain) in Patalona, ​​according to reports from the Catalan TV channel. TV3. The victim’s elder sister spoke on television about the ordeal the teenager went through, who was only able to tell her family a month after the incident.

“They left her lying in the toilet”

He specifically explained that when his little sister went to the mall to buy clothes, these 6 teenagers threatened her with knives and forced her to follow them into the bathroom. They sexually assaulted him, at knife point, ordering him not to scream. “She had a knife to her neck. They told her to scream and kill her,” the victim’s sister testified.

“When they were done, they made her lie down in the bathroom,” she explained. When the victim came out of the toilet, she tried to find help from the shopping center security guard who allegedly ignored her, the Catalan press reported. ACN.

Three of the attackers have not been charged

Peak of Horror: The scene was filmed and a video circulated in various establishments around the city. It is here that the victim’s elder brother sees the scene and the girl believes what happened to her.

According to our Catalan colleagues and the first elements of the investigation, three of the six alleged attackers are under the age of 14, so they will not be prosecuted for these facts and will have a clean criminal record. Of the other three, one is still at large, another is in a juvenile facility, and the last is on probation.

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