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An influencer is fined 1,800 euros for visiting a restricted beach


The Dubai-based Brazilian influencer was fined after visiting a protected beach in Sardinia known for its pink sand and off-limits to tourists since the 1990s.

Violation of environmental regulations is punishable by severe penalties. A Dubai-based Brazilian influencer has been fined 1,800 euros after being banned from visiting Italian beaches, a British newspaper reported. Guardianquoting Italian press.

Influencer Rogeria Guia visited the Maddalena Archipelago north of Sardinia and a beach on the island of Butelli, about fifteen kilometers from Corsica. The place is known for its pink sand, the desire of some tourists who come to collect it illegally. To counter this phenomenon, in the 1990s the local authorities decided to ban access to the beach, today it is only visible from a coastal path, but direct access to it is prohibited.

Videos posted on Instagram

A ban was defied by the influencer, who posted videos and photos on Instagram in which he can be seen approaching the beach by boat.

Officials soon became aware of this access violation, as residents of the area expressed anger at the influencer’s actions.

Two fines were imposed by coastguard investigators in Dubai: one of 300 euros for walking on this beach and one of 1,500 euros for going there on a boat, in this case a catamaran, in which the area is not in circulation.

While writing this article, The influencer’s Instagram account More than 35,000 people have since switched to “private” mode, which prevents people who don’t already follow him from accessing his posts or messaging him.

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