May 30, 2024

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An “Unbelievable” Heist: Thieves Steal $30 Million in Los Angeles

An “Unbelievable” Heist: Thieves Steal $30 Million in Los Angeles

Los Angeles police and the FBI are investigating a mysterious heist in which nearly $30 million was stolen before a cash depository was breached through its roof and breached its security.

This high-flying heist looks like it came straight out of the movie “Ocean's Eleven.” It happened on Sunday and is one of the largest thefts in the city's history, said David Gullar of the Los Angeles Police Department.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the thieves broke through the roof to access the building's vault and escape the sophisticated alarm system. Elaborate and complex, the theft appears to have been the work of an experienced team and was only discovered when staff opened the safe on Monday, the daily said.

“It's so unbelievable, you'd never suspect it,” an anonymous employee at the facility told ABC News. “I'm still trying to understand. Was it an inside job? Was it an individual? Was it a group? There are a lot of questions to ask. ยป

L.A., Thieving Habits

Beyond Hollywood sets, Los Angeles is already no stranger to sophisticated heists in real life. Two years ago, robbers stole nearly $100 million worth of jewelry from a truck parked at a highway rest area.

Last July, a man cut a hole in the roof of an upscale bar near Venice Beach. He left with $600,000 worth of fine wines from Burgundy and Bordeaux.

According to the LA Times, the largest cash heist in the city's history occurred in 1997, when $18.9 million was stolen from a security deposit. Eventually the thieves were arrested.

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