June 25, 2024

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Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador Votes Former Presidents Attempt to Corrupt

Mexican justice is in the hands of the people. They vote, Sunday 1There is In August, President Andres Manuel Lபpez Obrador (AMLO) voted in favor of a motion to prosecute and prosecute his ancestors on corruption charges.

The left-wing president, who has been declared the anti-corruption champion, said this public consultation would strengthen participatory democracy in Mexico.

The question is as follows: Do you agree that the relevant steps are being taken in accordance with the Constitution and the legal framework to carry out the process of clarifying the political decisions taken in recent years by political actors aimed at ensuring justice and rights? “

If the outcome of the referendum is to be tied, 37.4 million people – or 40% of the electorate – will have to participate, a tough race because of the lack of enthusiasm for the initiative among the Mexican population.

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Roy Campos, director of the Mitofsky polling company, believes that while “yes” can win up to 90%, it seems difficult to achieve even 30% turnout. About 57,000 ballot boxes were set up by the election agency, with more than 160,000 set for the June assembly elections.

Referendum without consensus

Opponents of the Mexican president see it as a simple political conspiracy. In Mexico, former presidents may be tried like other citizens, and critics say the referendum is unnecessary.

“Waiting for the outcome of the consultation is to turn justice into a political circus.”, Said Jose Miguel Vivango, regional director of the New York-based Human Rights Watch.

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Although voting was the idea of ​​the head of state, the country’s first left-wing president refused to vote because he did not want to “Corruption and hypocritical conservatism” He accuses her of revenge.

Omar Garcia, the missing man who allegedly killed 43 students in 2014 and has been charged at the hands of corrupt police and drug traffickers, however, believes that listening to the public is valid even if he is not bound. “This referendum promotes sentencing”, he said.

Proposed referendum question Pioneers of Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, all right-wingers – Carlos Salinas, Ernesto Cedillo, Vicente Fox, Felipe Calderon and Enrique Pena Nieto – from 1988 to 2018. Three days after the polls close.

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