June 24, 2024

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Andrew Benintende traded with the Yankees

Andrew Benintende traded with the Yankees

NEW YORK – Around this time last year, annoying sound effects and glowing screens filled a charter flight from Tampa to Miami, as gossip filtered throughout the cabin as the Yankees snuggled up Anthony Rizzo of the Cubs. The move provided a welcome spark, prompting celebration in the aisles.

Rizzo and his teammates were at a silent visiting club at Citi Field Wednesday night when they learned of another deal in the works, which they hope will boost their chances in the post-season. After a brief period 3-2 loss to the Metsthe Yanks ended a weeks-long exchange with the royal family of an outside player Andrew Benintende.

Trade details
The Yankees get: From Andrew Benintende
Royal family members get: RHP Chandler Champlain, LHP TJ Sikkema, and RHP Beck Way

“He’s a really good player,” said team player Aaron Judge. “I had the opportunity to play against him for several years when he was playing in Boston. I have seen him do a lot of impressive things. So if that is true, it will definitely be a huge part of what we got here.”

In the deal, which both clubs confirmed later in the evening, the Yankees sent three bets horizons To Kansas City vs. 28-Year-Old Benintende: Chandler Champlain, left hand, TJ Sikkima, and Pickway right.

The acquisition of Benintendi helped mitigate the shock loss to the Mets, when Starling Marte shut out Wandy Peralta in a two-game Subway Series sweep.

Silenced by Christmas boy Max Scherzer over seven runs, second-half Gleber Torres accounted for David Peterson’s Yank offense on Wednesday, as New York went 0-for-15 with the sprinters in the scoring center over the two games in Queens.

Boone said he believes left-handed Benintende, one of MLS stars this season, can help upgrade an already formidable system.

“It’s fake news that we have too many power-hitters in our lineup, and too many power-hitters in play,” Boone said. “We have brutes in the lineup, really good hitters. Benintendi is a great hitter, he gets a base with a really high clip, hitting from the left side that gives you some balance. … I’d be excited to write his name.”

In 93 games this season, Benintendi has racked up .320/.387/.398 with 14 doubles, triples, three hurdles, 39 RBI and four stolen bases. Benintende 34 multi-stroke games ranked first in the MLS, third in hitting average, tied for second in hitting (111) and sixth in base percentage.

“Summer dog days, we’ve been grinding it up for a while, and then you add a piece like that,” Judge said. “A guy who’s been hitting over 30,000 all year, played a great defense and was kind of a spark out there in Kansas City. Anytime you bring it into the kind of culture we have, it’s always a plus and a boost of energy.”

Gold Glover 2021 Playing seven major league seasons with the Red Sox (2016-20) and Royals (2021-22), Benintende has made 88 starts on the left field this season, not fouling on 164 total chances.

His arrival could create an outward alignment for Benentende in left field, the judge in midfield and a combination of Aaron Hicks and Matt Carpenter in right field, at least until Giancarlo Stanton returns from the injured list.

It’s also possible that the Benintendi acquisition will mark the looming end of Joey Gallo’s era in Yankees costume; Gallo hits 0.161 (37 for 230) with 103 hits in 80 games, having last used a discus in the eighth inning on Tuesday against the Mets near Edwin Diaz.

Wednesday’s loss was the Yankees’ 12th in 22 games this month, and they now have the Majors’ second best record at 66-33 (Dodgers 65-32).

“We’re still one of the best teams in the game, so I’m not really going to judge our season after two weeks,” Judge said. ‘But I think adding a man like [Benintendi] It will definitely give us a little pumping, that’s for sure. I think it would be a perfect fit.”