June 26, 2024

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Kansas City Chiefs v Cleveland Browns

Andy Reed defends Eric Benemi after Lisan McCoy’s criticism

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Former chiefs back-to-back Lisan McCoy made some harsh comments about Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Benemi recently, but head coach Andy Reed said those comments speak more to McCoy than Benemi.

McCoy said on the podcast I’m an Athlete that Benemi speaks to players in a way that excites many players, and McCoy noted that his inability to connect with people was the main reason Benemi was not appointed as head coach.

However, Reid said that if McCoy didn’t like what Benemi was telling him during their time together in Kansas City, it was because Benemi was honest with McCoy about where he was lacking, and McCoy didn’t want to accept that he was. On the negative side of his career when he arrived in Kansas City.

“Sometimes it’s hard for a veteran player,” Reid said. “Maybe their level of performance is not what it used to be, and it is sometimes difficult to bear. But [Bieniemy is] It will push you to try to maximize what you have. This is one of his strengths. . . . He will come and shoot you directly. Sometimes you want to hear it. Sometimes you don’t.”

Reed said he enjoyed coaching McCoy but believes McCoy, who was 31 during his season in Kansas City, struggled to accept that he wasn’t the elite that had fallen short of what he once was.

“I’m a huge LeSean fan,” Reid said. “In my view, he’s a future Hall of Fame re-emerging. If you look at him statistically, he’s awesome. But he wasn’t the smallest kennel puppy here. He was on the back side and at times it was hard to stand.”

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Reid said he believes Benemi connects well with the players and will be a good coach in the NFL one day.

“You see the love the players have for him. He got all these guys up for him and saying positive things,” Reid said. “He’s a football coach and I’m disappointed he didn’t get a chance and hopeful he’ll get one in the future.”