April 22, 2024

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Devindra Hardawar

Apple Watch Pro and leaked cases show a larger screen and a new button

As expected, Apple leaks are coming in strong as we get closer Wednesday iPhone 14 event ‘away’. Today, we got a closer look so far at the Apple Watch Pro, thanks to makes of 91 mobiles. We typically treat most leaks from unknown “industrial sources” with a healthy dose of salt, but according to Bloomberg Mark Gorman Makes are “actually”. And for the most part, it’s everything we expected. There’s a larger screen, Gurman’s previous reports suggested, as well as a slight design evolution for the Apple Watch Series 7. (Sorry, flat edge fans.)

Take a closer look and you’ll notice an extra button on the other side of the (powerful) Digital Crown and a multitasking button. Both 91 mobile Gorman speculates that it could be programmable, allowing you to launch a specific app or exercise without dealing with the touch screen. Status leaks from Sony Dixon And the Duanruy (Across the edge And the Weibo) also indicates a larger screen and an additional button.

The Apple Watch Pro is likely aimed at extreme sports fanatics — the kind of people who wouldn’t mind spending close to $1,000 on high-end Garmin smartwatches. As pricey as this may sound, don’t forget that there have always been high-end Apple Watch models that aren’t meant for human wallets. Present Hermes 7 . collection Domains up to $1,759. So in that context, perhaps the $1,000 Apple Watch Pro doesn’t sound so crazy? (No, it’s still crazy.)

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