March 22, 2023

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Arnold Schwarzenegger warns Russian people and soldiers against the Moscow campaign

In a video message, the actor describes how his father, an Austrian soldier, was “physically and mentally broken” by Nazi lies.

Austro-American actor and politician Arnold Schwarzenegger He spoke for the Russian people. “Tell the truth about the Ukraine warHe condemned the incident in a video posted on social media on Thursday.Campaign and misinformationFrom the Kremlin. “I know what your government has told you is a war to destroy Ukraine. Destroying Ukraine? That is not true“Insists former governor of California, he only has”Affection and respect for the people of RussiaThis long video of more than nine minutes contains verse in Russian.

Speaking to Russian soldiers, Arnold Schwarzenegger tells the story of his father who was a Nazi German soldier during World War II.Encouraged by the lies of his governmentHe thus realizes how his father returned from Leningrad as a man.Physically and mentally brokenNot only the piece he got, but also the guilt he felt. “I do not want you to break up like my father“, He argues,”It was not a war waged by your grandfathers or your grandfathers to defend Russia“.

“You started this war. You are waging this war. Let’s stop this war ”

From Arnold Schwarzenegger to Vladimir Putin

Star of Terminator Sending one more message “Those in power in the Kremlin“, I ask them”Why are they sacrificing these young people for their own ambitions“As of Thursday afternoon, the video had already been viewed millions of times. For Vladimir Putin, he begins:”You started this war. You are waging this war. Let’s stop this war“Arnold Schwarzenegger concludes his speech with a message of support for Russian citizens protesting against the war on the streets of the country.”The world saw your heroism. We know you experienced the effects of your courage (…). You have the strength of my new heroes and Yuri Petrovich VlasoHe mentions the Soviet weightlifting champion he met in his youth.

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