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As the NFL draft approaches, Carolina Panthers manager Scott Fetterer tells Sam Darnold there is a good chance the quarterback will be added

As the NFL draft approaches, Carolina Panthers manager Scott Fetterer tells Sam Darnold there is a good chance the quarterback will be added

Charlotte, North Carolina – Meet Scott Fetterer, General Manager of Carolina Panthers Sam Darnold On Monday, he told Team No. 3 in the 2018 NFL Draft “there’s a good chance” the team will add a quarterback during the next weekend’s draft.

There are two quarterbacks the team would feel comfortable selecting in the sixth overall selection, Ferrer said at Tuesday’s press conference. Malik Willis of Liberty and Kenny Pickett of Pittsburgh have consistently been rated the highest among draft analysts.

Fetterer also said the team has off-draft options to add quarterback. He did not mention Baker Mayfield Cleveland Browns or Jimmy Garoppolo From the San Francisco 49ers team by name because under league rules he is not allowed to discuss players on other rosters.

But Fetterer reiterated that Carolina wants to “stabilize the midfield” and suggested the best long-term solution was to have a young player in the draft.

“I mean, you want to craft one, develop it and make it your own,” he said. “There is cost-effectiveness associated with that. Also, why are some of the players out there in the market available? You have to ask yourself that.”

The Panthers have been trying to promote to quarterback since completing a second straight season of five wins under Matt Rolle, who wasn’t part of the press conference draft. They were willing to give the Houston Texans three first-round draft picks, players, and other enlistment choices. Deshaun Watson.

Watson was eventually traded to the Browns, who are now seeking a move from Mayfield, the top pick of 2018. A league source told ESPN.com shortly after Cleveland secured Watson that Carolina was not interested in Mayfield at the time.

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That could change depending on the deal and what happens in the draft, with multiple sources saying nothing will happen before the first round.

Garoppolo has never been on the team’s radar as it’s not a huge upgrade from Darnold.

A league source told ESPN on Tuesday that it doesn’t look like Brown will trade with Mayfield this week.

The Panthers, even if they are interested in a veteran, do not have this year’s Capital Project of Reality Trading. After the sixth pick, they don’t pick again until 137th in the fourth round.

Wetter also made it clear that he didn’t want to trade future draft picks, noting that he’s had several conversations with teams asking to give up next year’s second or third round pick “and my answer was no, we want to protect those picks.”

The Panthers have a big gap between the selections because a year ago this year’s second-round pick was part of a trade with the New York Jets for Darnold and the third-round pick was given up in a deal with Jacksonville for Cornerback. CJ Henderson.

As much as Fetterer would like to add day two picks, he repeatedly said “we’re not going to go out of the pick just to get the picks”.

The midfielder and offensive tackle are Carolina’s primary goals for the sixth selection. North Carolina Akim IkunoAlabama Evan Neal and Mississippi Charles Cross They are ranked as the best interventions in a deep category.

At least two of those are expected to go when Carolina picks her sixth.

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Part of Fitterer’s unofficial strategy has been to rebuild an offensive line to protect everyone who plays as a quarterback. The guard added Austin Corbett and the center Bradley Bozeman In free agency.

It was part of his conversation with Darnold, who earned $18.9 million this season because Carolina picked the fifth-year option after the trade a year ago.

“We need his help too,” said Fetterer. “I think we did a good job… around him with talent where he doesn’t feel like he has to do every game.

“But in our conversation I said, ‘Hey, we’re going to add to this [quarterback] In the group this weekend there is a very good chance that we will add to this group,” Ferrer said, “and it’s an open competition. It’s his place now, but whoever can take his place and run with him, we’ll do it.”