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Asus’ ROG Ally gaming laptop doesn’t sound like an April Fool’s joke


The screen will offer “Full HD gaming,” promising a quiet dual-fan design along with the visually standard setup of dual analog sticks, a left-mounted D-pad, four face buttons, plus a few smaller buttons around the screen for accessing menus and settings. Going beyond the Steam Deck, the company is announcing the opportunity to “experience Ally’s full potential” by connecting the company’s ROG XG Mobile eGPU for use with gaming laptops while streaming your games on TV.

The trailer features real games like rise in life, exit, And WRC generations – Uncommon for a joke – and Has a link to Best Buywhere players can sign up to get information about pre-orders.

Although Valve’s Steam Deck has been the most successful attempt at making PC gaming a truly portable experience, there are plenty of competitors, like Ayaneo 2 or other Switch-like devices from GPD and OneXPlayer. However, in our experience, they relied on the AMD 6800U chipset rather than a custom build and generally lack the right mix of horsepower and efficiency that we want to see from gaming laptops.

More than anything, the machine shown in the video looks fully built and ready to roll out as a solid entry into the handheld gaming market. It’s definitely more realistic than what Asus ROG (Republic of Gamers) posted on April Fool’s Day 2022, tossing the concept of a “Smart Lens” for eye-controlled gestures that later revealed to be a joke. Of course, Asus is also the company that just launched the ROG Flow Z13 portable acronym that defies all beliefs and understanding.

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We’ll have to wait and see if this portable still holds up after the hour to April 2nd passes, but Asus definitely looks set to take on Steam Deck in this category sooner or later.

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