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At a distance of 7 km from Kiev, the siege of the capital is being eased by regional security

At a distance of 7 km from Kiev, the siege of the capital is being eased by regional security

10:00 am, March 12, 2022

On the E95 highway, about twenty kilometers from Kiev, the checkpoints follow each other and the tension is clear. This is the last strategic lock lock on the Northeast axis, which Russian forces have been trying to break with increasing outrage since the beginning of the week. In the distance you can see columns of smoke. The last crossroads of the regional security force is less than 7 km from the city in the most extensive suburbs of Kiev. The shares are huge. If Vladimir Putin’s soldiers seize this path, it will take them directly to the heart of the Ukrainian capital.

Everything was miscalculated from the beginning. The generals told Putin that this would be a campaign party

The shell fell in front of his house. Alexander shows the photo on his phone. When I woke up, that day, it was as if I had changed my reality. Since then, in his forties, this construction worker has joined the regional defense. Important comment, he said, The Russians have to be forced out of the woods because they are hidden among the citizens, which complicates things. We are not going to blindly shoot and kill our people. He also insists on showing the two tanks destroyed by his comrades on Wednesday. But he has been instructed not to go beyond that.

According to Mykhailo Samus, an expert on military security in Kiev, this Russian loss is not surprising. Everything was miscalculated from the beginning. He understands. The generals told Putin that it would be a field trip and that everything would be over in forty-eight hours, even seventy-two hours. We are here after seventeen days of war.

Change in tactics

Because the Ukrainians resisted, and they organized themselves. Twenty-five thousand small groups of regional security forces monitor Kiev alone. There is not a single unprotected building in the capital. Mikhail Samos is taken away. The Russians find themselves in a stalemate, which prompts them to change tactics. According to him, the support of the Ukrainian people for this project of the Ukrainian people makes it clear that intelligence is not working on the ground. Vladimir Putin
Very overestimated. Army forces stopped, He continues, Attests to this very poor assessment of the situation. They are not enough. By bombing Kiev, Putin could obviously start a scene in La Stalingrad or Berlin, but it would be a political disaster for him.

Putin’s only victory is to unite us against him

The Russians seem to be shifting tactics in their desire to encircle the capital, and what happened in Browery also illustrates the impact of the Russian military. Although they are better equipped, it seems that the soldiers really have to use the main roads to advance, which made it easier for the Ukrainian artillery to attack them and set up target bunkers. As a result, Kiev was targeted for the first and last tank of the advanced column on Wednesday. To Reserve Alexander, it is clear that they have nothing to fear and that they can be beaten.Putin’s only victory united us against him.

In Kiev, meanwhile, security measures have been beefed up ahead of the square where the 2014 Ukrainian Revolution took place. The army has stockpiled sandbags and anti-tank traps. The city’s sirens, a precursor to airstrikes, resumed Saturday afternoon. Before turning into false alarms.

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