June 13, 2024

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At least seven people died after drone strikes;  Journalist Marina Ovsyannikova left Russia

At least seven people died after drone strikes; Journalist Marina Ovsyannikova left Russia

Dissident journalist Marina Ovsyannikova fled Russia to Europe

Russian journalist Marina Ovsyannikova, who is under house arrest for denouncing the Russian offensive in Ukraine live on television, has left Russia with her daughter, her lawyer has announced. [Elle] He fled Russia with his daughter within hours of leaving the apartment where he was under house arrest.said Dmitri Jagvatov, Mentions that mother and daughter are in Europe. “They’re fine, they’re waiting to reveal themselves publicly, but it’s not certain at the moment.”, he added. Her lawyer said she was due to be arraigned in Moscow at 10 a.m., but investigators were unable to locate her.

Marina Ovsiannikova, 44, was put under house arrest for two months in August after taking part in a demonstration outside the Kremlin in July, during which she held a placard calling President Vladimir Putin a murderer and his fascist troops. He faces up to ten years in prison if convicted of disseminating non-government information about the Russian military.

A few days after the attack in Ukraine, he intercepted the evening news of Pervy Canal, a major Russian channel, where he had worked as a journalist for nearly two decades. She waved a placard to end the fight and stop the Russians “Don’t believe the hype”. For this gesture, he was summarily arrested and fined. He later left the country to work in German media Die weld.

Marina Ovsyannikova, accused of spreading false information about the Russian military, wrote in a message on October 5. Sending telegraphic messagesNothing to be ashamed of. “I consider myself completely innocent, and because our state refuses to respect its own laws, I refuse to accept and release myself from the extent of the ban imposed on me on September 30, 2022.”, she wrote. She believes she was molested “For telling the truth”.

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