Tuesday, July 23, 2024

At the request of the authorities, Apple is withdrawing the applications of Radio France and France Inter in China


The American multinational explained to Radio France that it complies with Chinese authorities ruling that the Radio France app contains “illegal content in China”.


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This is not the first time an app has been removed from the Chinese App Store, with Apple removing WhatsApp and Threads last April.  (Simon Cardona / Radio France)

“Usage Affects Chinese Public Opinion”Laurent Frisch, director of digital and innovation strategy at Radio France, explains this surprising request from Beijing. The Chinese government has asked Apple to withdraw two applications from the French public sector, the France Inter and the Radio France application.

The American company that made the iPhone and iPad, which are hugely popular in China, has now withdrawn the two apps from the Chinese version of its App Store, told Radio France. Apple explains that it complied with the request of the Chinese Cyberspace Administration (CAC) justifying the Radio France application. “Includes illegal content in China.”

Two apps on the social network targeted by Beijing.

Radio France is not the first organization to suffer from Chinese censorship. Last April, Meta learned that its WhatsApp and Threads applications had been removed from the Chinese version of the Apple App Store. “We are obliged to respect the laws in force in the countries in which we operate, even if we do not agree with them” Apple defended itself in a statement sent to AFP.

In China, to use social networks like Google, YouTube or Instagram, Facebook, you need to use a virtual private network. For years, China has had strict restrictions on the Internet.