June 13, 2024

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“Baby Holly” was found alive 41 years after her disappearance in Texas, which is the “exceptional cold case”

“Baby Holly” was found alive 41 years after her disappearance in Texas, which is the “exceptional cold case”

She was reported missing in 1981 when she was a child. Texas authorities announced Thursday that they have found an American woman alive and are calling for help to unravel the mystery surrounding her parents’ murder. Texas officials reportedly said they were “very proud” of the work being done around this exceptionally cold case. Sky News.

Texas Assistant Attorney General Brent Webster told a news conference that “baby Holly has been found, she’s alive, 42 years old and well.” “We welcome it, but we still have to solve a crime.”

It dates back to January 1981, when the bodies of a murdered man and a woman were found in a wooded area in Houston, Texas. For forty years they were unidentified. Advances in genetics made it possible to name these victims by 2021: they were Tina and Harold Klaus, a couple from Florida, and they had a little girl named Holly.

Possible a division

The latter has just been discovered. “He was informed of the identity of his biological parents and almost met his biological family members for the first time on Tuesday,” Brent Webster said.

According to him, he was abandoned in a church in Arizona and raised in a family “not suspected in the investigation.” Police, on the other hand, are looking for “two women who belonged to a nomadic religious group” who dropped her off at the church.

“They wore long white robes, walked barefoot, and their beliefs included separating men and women, vegetarians, and not using leather goods,” the lawyer explained. However, in December 1980 or January 1981, the Klaus family was contacted by a woman who introduced herself as “Sister Susan”.

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“True relief”

She vowed that the couple had joined their faction and wanted to sever ties with the outside world and remove their material possessions. “Sister Susan” asked Harold Klaus’ parents to bring their car for a fee. They contacted the police.

When two or three women arrived in a white-clad vehicle, officers dragged them away but could not find any record, according to Brent Webster, who called on the ‘help’ public to get back on track. Story.

Meanwhile, the Klaus family was delighted to be reunited with Holly. “It’s a real relief to know she’s fine and has a good life,” her aunt, Cheryl Klose, was quoted as saying in a statement. Holi’s biological grandmother, Donna Cassanda, was quoted as saying, “Discovering Holi is a godsend.” New York Post. “I have been praying for answers for over 40 years, some of which the Lord has revealed … we have seen Holi.”