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Beijing threatens ‘retaliation’ if Taiwan President McCarthy meets US


Before this happened, it was ” American Transportation The name of the President of Taiwan is ” Tricky By Chinese diplomacy, our correspondent in Beijing reports, Stephen Lagarde. A spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs recalled China expressing its opinion. Solemn objections With the White House.

The meeting between Tsai Ing-wen and Kevin McCarthy is what China’s leaders consider to be promoting what actually amounts to a communist regime. Separatist forces ”, meaning the Government of Taiwan. The warning came hours before Tsai Ing-wen left for Central America. Ten days journey Taipei’s allies—Guatemala and Belize—in particular, after meeting Lost Honduras.

Taiwanese provocations

Taiwan refuses to be isolated. The head of state will make two stops in the US. In Los Angeles, at the end of the course, he will be able to meet the Speaker of the US House of Representatives. The visit is not unusual, according to Washington, but it angers Chinese officials.

If the meeting takes place, it will be a significant point in Taipei’s transport diplomacy. Beijing is promising Respond with determination “to” stimulus said a spokesman for the Taiwan Affairs Office at China’s State Council.

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Once on American soil, the Taiwanese leader is scheduled to deliver a closed-door speech to the Hudson Institute in New York, an anti-China, conservative think tank. But even the most militant circles draw a red line.

“Don’t cross the line to kill diplomacy”

Mike Pompeo, the former head of US diplomacy under Donald Trump, is the only one pushing Washington to establish diplomatic relations with Taiwan. But his serious talk didn’t go over the company’s ranks.

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I don’t think the US should officially recognize Taiwan because we would cut our ties with China. However, the US and China do not want war. Yes, we want to protect Taiwan, but we shouldn’t provoke conflict, it’s a question of balance. It is tempting to pretend that the US should recognize Taiwan, but you must realize that this is taking a considerable risk. We should be more careful than that Patrick Cronin, head of Asia-Pacific at Hudson, says:

But what about American freedom? ” Arms supply has not been delivered despite our long announcement and promise. We can do better, so if China gets too tough, the US will try to provide more military equipment and financial aid to Taiwan. In fact, we are trying to maintain this difficult position with China, but without crossing this line of killing diplomacy, we have maintained peace so far. “, continues Patrick Cronin, before concluding: ” I think over 24 million Taiwanese. We have a responsibility to make them talk to the Chinese government as equals. »

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