March 1, 2024

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Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez fall out of warranty again in $64 million home sale

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez fall out of warranty again in $64 million home sale



Leaving Escrow again…

On sale home worth $64 million

Ben Affleck And Jennifer Lopez In their potential new home — the couple just pulled the plug on another real estate deal… and they’re on the hunt again.

Sources with direct knowledge tell TMZ that Bennifer is out of warranty on $64 million Pacific Palisades mansion It looks like they set their sights on earlier this month — which was an absolute beauty that would definitely meet their needs.

It’s unclear why they were bailed out… but we hear they’re done with it, and they move on.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez’s $55 Million Bel-Air Mansion Deal Falls Apart

Now, if you’re keeping count – that’s actually the 3rd house they’ve fallen out of the collateral in the last year. There was a $55 million Bel-Air property that was due to be bought back in April, but that sale fell through. Another PP mansion was also scheduled to be purchased last month – worth just $34.5 million – but they Stay away Also from this property.

No legitimate explanation has been given as to why J Lo and Ben keep changing their minds… all we know is that they simply can’t commit, and this is the most recent example.

Wasting no time, Jen was pounding the pavement again this past weekend – cruising through the Holmby Hills.

We were told that she was walking around this mansion above. The current owner is Max Azria, founder of BCBG. From what we can see, he looks as cute as everything else they’ve been watching. It is listed for $65 million.

Ben and Jen might want to pull the trigger on something soon, because there’s a file New mansion tax This is about to hit Los Angeles in April. The measure, passed last year, imposes a 4% tax on home sales over $5 million and a 5.5% tax on sales over $10 million.

The tax will not affect Ben and Jen directly – they are not looking for a home in the city of Los Angeles, much more so in the upscale suburbs – but it could seriously affect the market and home prices in the Los Angeles area in general.

So… act fast!

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