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Ben Affleck’s family reunion with Jennifer Lopez and his kids involved in PDA and Dunkin Donuts


Ben AffleckHis return to the United States included some quality time with family, sidewalk hugging with his new wife Jennifer Lopez And of course Dunkin Donuts. The actor met Lopez on a lunch date and hang out with their kids – Lopez’s twins Max and AmyAnd the 14 Affleck’s son SamuelAnd the 10, Violet’s daughterAnd the 16, for every Hollywood Live.

The tight crew dined at Café Santa Monica and then headed to Dunkin’, a Boston chain of restaurants close to Affleck’s heart. The crew seemed to be having a great time, chatting with her dad and Lopez lovingly placing her hand on his head. After getting some rewards, the couple shared a sweet solo moment, cuddling and kissing before heading their separate ways.

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The The whole group They seem to have bonded during their last family honeymoon in Paris, where they were all rambling around the city of love, enjoying locations and enjoying delicious meals. At some point, Lopez and Violet Share the sweetest hugwhich shows how warm the relationship between the two.

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Lopez has been vocal about how important it is for Affleck to have developed a relationship with her children. The singer and actress shared a candid tribute to him this past Father’s Day, detailing how wonderful he was when it came to bringing the blended family together.

“I’ve been sitting in front row watching how your dad is for over a year now and I’ve never seen a more consistent, loving, selfless dad,” Wrote on its website. “It’s not just for your kids but for no commitment from me as well. You always show up and put them first. You are so affectionate and involved in every moment you are with you which is honestly one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen. Thank you for everything you do for all of us. We We appreciate you and love you immeasurably.”


these Celebrity parents They are all proud to be “fathers of daughters”.

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