Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Bengals QB Joe Burrow said Cincinnati is “not concerned” about the 0-2 start; we’ll be fine


Cincinnati – Cincinnati Bengals Quarterback Joe Borough Give advice to those who are panicking about starting the team that doesn’t win and heading into week three.

“Let’s all take a deep breath and relax,” Borough said Wednesday during his weekly press conference. “We’ll be fine. We’re not worried about that.”

Cincinnati’s reign as AFC champion has not gone well so far. The Bengals are the first team in the Super Bowl era to lose their first two games despite being a favorite by at least 7 points in each contest, according to ESPN stats and information.

Staying calm despite early losses has been a key talking point for the Boroughs and many of the Bengals ahead of this weekend’s game against the New York Jets, who will start the reserve quarterback. Joe Flacco.

Bengals coach Zack Taylor said during his press conference that Burrow had clarity on the situation. The Year 4 coach added that it’s easy to panic, but he’s enjoying the added pressure of this year’s team to do well after last year’s Super Bowl appearance.

“We’ve been begging for expectations,” said Taylor, who began his Cincinnati internship with a season 2-14 in 2019. that. When you start slower than you hoped and what people expected, you’ll handle that. I love it too. “

The Bengals are the only team in North Asia without a win after two weeks. The Pittsburgh Steelers, Cleveland Browns and Baltimore Ravens are tied 1-1.

Cincinnati’s attack came under fire after scoring just three points in his first two games, with all those moves arriving in the second half. Borough’s mantra of patience extended to his comfort level with the offensive line after picking up 13 sacks in his first two matches.

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“These guys are working hard to make it right,” Burrow said. “I can do a lot more to help them too. We can do more with direct contact to help them too. We’re doing this thing right. Nobody panics.”

Burrow said that while there is no panic, there is an urgent need to avoid the 0-3 start. Since the team’s loss to Dallas, Burrow has pointed to the many two-game losing streak the Bengals suffered last season, such as the one that included a surprise loss to the Jets in Week 8.

The 2020 draft overall pick said some of the same issues discussed recently were also talked about last year before the Bengals course was corrected, earning their first place in the playoffs since 2015 and winning their first championship since 1989. Borough said how the team that achieved A good performance last year gives him confidence that Cincinnati can do it again.

And when it comes to breathing easy and feeling good about things despite early struggles, Burrow isn’t alone.

“At the end of the day, we know we have a good football team and we’ll be back on the right track and we’ll be in good shape,” Taylor said. “And everyone can relax.”