May 26, 2024

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Best Film Winning a Lost Ohms Award - Complete List - Deadline

Best Film Winning a Lost Ohms Award – Complete List – Deadline

Update, Writes: Xavier Giannulli lost illusions (Perdis delusions) It won the award for best film in France Cesar Awards Tonight in Paris. Along with the highest honor, the period drama adapted from the classic Honoré de Balzac took home six more figurines and was the biggest overall winner of the evening. (Scroll down for the full list of winners.)

The absent Leos Carax received the Best Director award Annettehis musical starring Adam Driver and Marion Cotillard that opened last year’s Cannes Film Festival – where Carax also took home the Best Director award – which took a total of five Caesar tonight.


lost illusions And the Annette Led the evening’s upcoming nominations, followed by Valérie Lemercier’s Céline Dion inspired aline which turned out in the Best Actress category for an honorary portrayal of Lemercier.

Cedric Jimenez Back Nord (the stronghold) He was eliminated across his seven nominations. A huge hit at the home box office, he was also selected by France for submission to the International Distinguished Oscars alongside Golden Lion winner in Venice by Audrey Dewan. Happen or occur Cannes Palme d’Or winner Julia Ducornu Titan. from the trio only Happen or occur She took home an award tonight, in the newcomer category of Anamaria Vartolomei.

Florian Zeller the father It was awarded Best Foreign Film with the French director acknowledging, “It’s so special to have this honor in your country for a foreign film…I feel like I’m closing a circle.”

After more than 3.5 hours had passed, Cesar’s concert was rather faint. Host Antoine de Cayons noted the situation in Ukraine at the top of the show, commenting, “The world around us is crumbling” and showing, “We’re thinking about Ukrainians.”

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Cesar Honorary Winner Cate Blanchett He also mentioned the conflict, saying, “It’s hard to think of things other than what’s happening in Ukraine” when accepting the trophy from Isabel Hubert.


Director (and a member of the cast lost illusions), Xavier Dolan paid an emotional tribute to the late Gaspard Uliel who died tragically in January. Ulil previously won the 2016 César Best Actor Award It’s just the end of the world Directed and written by Dolan. Dolan, speaking in letter form, said in part, “I have already written to Gaspard, to Gaspard, but I have never written about Gaspard. On the day of his death, I researched his company by rewatching a number of his films… His career shows itself through all the roles that survived him. We still have his talent and no one can take it away… It’s a whole world crying out for Gaspard, it’s a whole world still mourning for him.”

Previous: The Cesar Awardsthe French equivalent of the Academy Awards, is just getting started in a personal ceremony at the Olympia Concert Hall in Paris with screenwriter/director Daniel Thompson presiding over the sessions and Antoine de Cayons as host, the latter marking his tenth time as director.

Along with the winners (scroll down for the list being updated live), honoring the late actors and former César Award winners Jean-Paul Belmondo and Gaspard Ulliel will likely stir up emotion on stage tonight. Cate Blanchett is set to receive an honorary Caesar from Isabel Hubert.

Among the nominees, Xavier Giannoli’s Perdue Delusions (Lost Delusions) Lead field With 15 nominations registered at the event. Followed by Leos Carax’s Annettewhich opened the Cannes Film Festival last year with 11 nominations, and Valérie Lemercier’s aline, the musical drama inspired by the life of Celine Dion which also debuted in Cannes and earned 10 nods. Golden Lion winner in Audrey Dewan Happen or occur Julia Docornau wins the Palme d’Or Titan in four nominations.

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The past few years have been turbulent for the Academy of Film Arts and Techniques, which oversees Caesar. In 2020, there is controversy surrounding the nominations for Roman Polanski officer and spy (Her win for Best Director triggered strikes by Outstanding Actresses) and amid a backlash from the members. Last year, actress Corinne Masiero She stripped down for her birthday suit On Live TV in support of France’s intermittent arts workers while presenting the Fashion Design Award.

Check back for updates on tonight’s party with the winners updated below as they are announced:

the best movie
lost illusions

best director
Leos Carax, Annette

Best Actress
Valerie Lemercier, aline

best actor
Benoit Magimel, De Son Vivant

Best Animated Feature
Le Summit de Dukesdir: Patrick Imbert

Best Animated Short Film
Foley Doss, Foley Dore, Der: Marin Laclote

Best original result
Ron Maley, Russell Mail – Annette

best sound
Erwan Kerzanite, Katja Putin, Maxence Dosser, Paul Heymans, Thomas Gooder – Annette

Best modified screen
Xavier Giannoli, Jacques Fieschi – lost illusions

Best original offer
Arthur Harari and Vincent Poemiro – Onoda, 10,000 Nuits Dans La Jungle

Best Cinematography
Christoph Buchern, lost illusions

best montage
Nelly Koutier Annette

Best foreign movie
the fatherdir: Florian Zeller

Best Documentary
La Panthere de NeigeMessrs.: Marie Amigé, Vincent Meunier

Best Documentary Short Film
MalbecMonastery: Ismael Geoffroy Chandotis

Best Supporting Actor
Vincent Lacoste, lost illusions

Best Supporting Actress
Isato Dillala Sagna, don’t break

Best feature of debt
Les Magnetiquesdir: Vincent Mile Cardona

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Best set design
Riton Dupire-Clément, lost illusions

best costume design
Pierre Jean Larroque lost illusions

Best short film
Les Movis Garsonsdir: Elie Gerrard

Best visual effects
Bondard clouds, Annette

Best New Male Arrival
Benjamin Fawazin, lost illusions

Best newcomer
Annamaria Vartolomei, Happen or occur