April 15, 2024

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Greg Gianfortethe Republican governor of Montana, believes that “our behavior as individuals has deteriorated” and social media is to blame.

Greg Gianforte.

Greg Gianforte. Photo: Thom Bridge/AP

That, remember, is Greg Gianforte who in 2017 Admission of guilt Misdemeanour, after the attack Ben Jacobsthe Guardian reporter who asked him a question during an election campaign, when Gianforte was a member of the US House of Representatives.

Gianforte’s ideas about bipartisanship and the right way to deal with ideological opponents are contained great report from Daily Montananabout a session at the University of Montana in Missoula on Monday.

“With regard to a contributor to the contentious nature of politics,” the story goes, “Gianforte cited social media as the serious culprit. On social media, people only tell one side of the story, often with disdain, he said, and he is trying to make sure In discussions of that he is saying something true, and it ought to be said, and it is. Kind instead of insulting or confrontational. “

I think our behavior as individuals has deterioratedGianforte said.

Like Bozeman Chronicle At the time, as the Daily Montaigne said this week, “reports from law enforcement and interviews with witnesses indicated… Gianforte misled the authorities about the accident [in which he assaulted Jacobs]. The Chronicle reported that Gianforte apologized to the reporter the next day, and later as part of the settlement, I apologise In writing he said his behavior did not meet the high standards to which he should be held.”

Here, meanwhile, is a News agency Interview From June 2017 titled “Gianforte Calls for Civic Politics after Reporter Assault”.

In the interview, Gianforte “refused to respond to questions about the attack and why his campaign initially issued a statement depicting Jacobs as the instigator, which contradicts witness accounts, Gianforte’s letter of apology and the criminal charge he eventually pleaded guilty,” instead “repeating nine times over the course of [a] Half an hour… that he took charge and wanted to move on.”

“I took up this issue,” Ganforti said. “I think I was very clear, I took full responsibility. I’m not proud of what happened that evening, but I accepted full responsibility and both Ben and I, and I think the people of Montana want us to move on.”

Finally, here’s more on what Gianforte has been up to lately:

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