June 23, 2024

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Biden criticizes Trump’s inaction in this ‘interim hell’

Biden criticizes Trump’s inaction in this ‘interim hell’

On Monday, July 25, Joe Biden criticized his predecessor Donald Trump’s inaction during the attack on the Capitol on January 6, 2021. “For three hours, the embattled former President of the United States watched events from the comfort of his private dining room near the Oval Office”He introduced the Democratic president on the sidelines of a conference of an organization of African-American police chiefs.

“While he was doing this, the brave guards lived a hell worthy of the Middle Ages (…), surrounded by blood, surrounded by carnage, facing a raging mob that believed the lies of the defeated president”He continued. “The police were heroic that day. “Donald Trump doesn’t have the guts to act.”Underscoring Joe Biden, he noted that one cannot “Support the Rebellion and the Police”Where “Insurgency and Pro-Democracy”.

The criticisms echoed the conclusions of a parliamentary inquiry into the January 6 attack, which the Republican billionaire was quoted as saying during a public hearing on Thursday, July 21. “Has failed in his duty as Commander-in-Chief” By not intervening to stop the wave of violence by his supporters in the Congress for three hours. Joe Biden, who has been criticized by his opponents for renewed violence in the country, is months away from crucial legislative elections that could see Republicans take control of the now-Democratic-dominated House of Representatives.

Joe Biden feels “very fit” after suffering from Covid-19

The US president, who has almost recovered from Covid-19, said on Monday that he hoped to be fully back to work within the week. “I feel very fit”He told reporters at the end of a meeting with business leaders on microchip manufacturing, which he attended via video link.

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In a slightly hoarse voice, the 79-year-old Democrat, who tested positive on Thursday, was glad to have two good nights of sleep in a row. “Actually, my dog ​​had to wake me up this morning.”He smiled.

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Joe Biden continued to work, but eased his schedule while he recovered. The president appears to have mild symptoms, and the White House has done everything to reassure him of his health and ability to control.

Earlier, his personal doctor said in a letter released by the White House that he had no symptoms of the disease. “His symptoms are now completely gone”Written by Dr. Kevin O’Connor.

The president is still suffering from a little nasal congestion, the doctor noted. Joe Biden’s age — who has received a full vaccine and two boosters — puts him in the category of people most at risk of developing a severe case of the disease.

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