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Biden supports Senate regime change to pass minority suffrage laws


On Tuesday, Jan. 11, Biden said he would support a more drastic change in Senate rules if needed.To prevent a minority of senators from blockingA major reform in the suffrage of minorities.

I have been talking quietly with members of Congress for two months. I’m tired of being quiet“The US president was taken away from Georgia after facing siege by Republican opposition to two important bills, he described.”CradleThe struggle for civil rights.

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Joe Biden declared:Today, in order to protect democracy, I support any change in the rules of the Senate, which, whatever it may be, should prevent minority senators from gaining access to the right to vote.“Talking about one”Turning“To the United States, he promised.”Each member of the Senate will be determined by history”, No matter what party he belongs to. “History has shown no mercy to those who sided with the restraint of suffrage. And not just for those who support the electionSpeaking in Atlanta, Joe Biden warned of the presence of students at universities that are historically linked to the African-American community.

Vice President Kamala Harris had earlier warned.Satisfaction“Where”Complicityதேர்தல் Electoral reforms have been decided or planned in many conservative states in the south of the United States. Civil rights groups have accused the reforms of complicating access to ballot boxes for minorities, which is seen as more favorable to Democrats, while strengthening the grip of local authorities on voting activities.

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To counter them, Democrats want to adopt two laws that harmonize the conditions for exercising the right to vote in the United States. But they are coming up against a Senate rule that requires 60 votes out of 100, where the president has only a 50 majority and can reduce the size in favor of it thanks to the decisive vote of Vice President Kamala Harris. Since it seems impossible for the Conservative Party to include a Republican, the Conservative Party, which defeated Donald Trump and his unsubstantiated arguments about massive fraud during the last presidential election, has outright rejected the reform – the Democrats should go around calling this “regime.”Obstacles.

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