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Blake Lively debuts her stunning change of dress at the Met Gala

Blake Lively debuts her stunning change of dress at the Met Gala

Each year, the Met Gala challenges celebrities to deliver their best fashion moments on the red carpet. It was the theme of 2022 gilded luster, referring to the glamorous period of wealth and luxury in the United States during the late nineteenth century. While several iconic looks were revealed during the evening, one guest can say he wore two amazing outfits in one night.

American actress Blake Lively arrived at the Met Gala with her husband 10 years ago, Ryan Reynolds. The pair are both co-chairs of The Metropolitan Museum of ArtFashion Institute of New York City. Vibrance arrived at the event wearing a shimmering rose-gold gown and a massive rose-and-orange bohemian dress with matching shoulder-length gloves and a jeweled tiara, all of which perfectly aligned with the theme. Reynolds made the perfect stunning date with his period-inspired suit featuring a white bodice and gold jacket chain.

And while Lively’s arrival dress had already turned heads, gossip girl The star had more in store for fashionistas. When she reached the top of the stairs, aides helped shake off the bustle taped to her waist, unveiling a bright turquoise skirt, and undo her gloves to reveal another pair of matching gloves underneath. Amazingly, the second set managed to look completely different from the first dress with a few modifications.

Lively explains in video. She points to the turquoise skirt train from the second look and adds, “This is the constellation from Grand Central Station,” then points to the cozy metallic dress underneath, “This is the Empire State Building, [and] Quilling is the Statue of Liberty.”

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She lively shares more thoughts on the finer details and her inspiration: “The crown has seven layers just like the Statue of Liberty has seven rays, which represent the sun’s rays, as well as the seven seas and continents – which also represent welcome and inclusiveness, freedom…and only 25 windows, So Lauren [Schwartz] Put 25 stones in the bottom [of the crown]. While Lively’s outfits were a highlight of the evening, Ryan Reynolds adoration reaction One moment his big wife made the event even better.

Actress Blake Lively debuted in a stunning bronze Versace gown when she arrived at the 2022 Met Gala with husband Ryan Reynolds.

The floor-length dress featured blistering shoulder-length gloves that matched this year’s “golden glamor” theme.

However, Lively’s dress was a surprise. As the assistants cleared the hustle, he unveiled a bright turquoise skirt that rolled down the stairs.

Watch the transformation in this video:

And watch Ryan Reynold’s reaction to Lively’s moment on the red carpet:

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All images via Getty Images and The Met Gala 2022.

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