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Bolsonaro and Neymar, Evangelical Passion and Common Interests

Bolsonaro and Neymar, Evangelical Passion and Common Interests

The importance of the footballers’ voice needs no longer to be proven In Brazil, the 6th star is still expected than the presidential election, the 1st round of which will be held this Sunday, October 2. So that speech is very natural By Neymar expected. Bolsonaro, Lula? Lula, Bolsonaro? For a very long time, the Paris Saint-Germain star did not speak in favor of either of the two main candidates for the victory. Throughout the campaign, little video-editing geniuses from each camp decided to divert a video from October 2014 instead of ghee. Jair Bolsonaro, or vote for Lula. A massive campaign to delete articles continues in the Brazilian press.

The abbreviated and diverted portion comes from a message from between the two rounds of 2014. At the time, Neymar called for a vote for Ezio Neves, the social-democratic opponent of former president Dilma Rousseff. In the short political history of revolving Brazil, there has never really been any question of supporting the PT and the left in general. In 2010, it was no less than being greeted by Lula in personAt a time when Neymar had the “courage” to cover his ears when Chelsea’s sirens sang.

Drifting Bolsonaro’s last card

He and his former teammate Canzo became the ambassadors of a new Brazil capable of standing up to the European powers, a fight that ultimately turned out to be very “Lulesque”. together? These thanks assured that Number 10 would “remember for the rest of his life”. But the young man’s firm promises, still tinged with the aura of a politician at the height of popularity, ultimately did not survive the ages.

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The political idol now known as Jair Bolsonaro was openly endorsed by Neymar for the first time in a Tik Tok video, three days before the high blood pressure ballot. The outgoing president is trailing in the polls Threatened to lose in the first round Hovering over his head. The Neymar “seatcode” falls on time for him, basically, even if the political orientation of the crack is an open secret. Both have been in love with each other for a long time.

Timeline of the Neymar-Bolsonaro relationship

2018: Like a tweet in support of Bolsonaro

2018: After Bolsonaro’s election, Neymar wrote, “He is now elected, God willing”.

2019: Bolsonaro welcomes Neymar’s father (see below)

2019: Bolsonaro poses with a jersey given to him by Neymar

Summer 2022: Neymar sends a signed balloon to Bolsonaro, who thanks him and says, “This is your year! »

September 28, 2022: Neymar thanked Bolsonaro for visiting the Neymar Junior academy. The foundation welcomes 3,000 unaccompanied children daily from the state of São Paulo, some of whom have been visited by the president. “Thank you for your visit. I would love to be in your company, but unfortunately I am far away,” regrets the Parisian.

September 30, 2022: Neymar formalized his support for Jair Bolsonaro.

“Cancelled” by the opposition, Neymar defends himself

On a lawn, a decisive pass can only be a source of applause. In the political arena it is a double-edged sword. It didn’t take long for the best Auriverde footballer of his generation to realize this: in a few hours, he was showered with critical comments on his networks. Enraged, he takes to Twitter to lecture his detractors in democracy.

“They talk about democracy and many other things, but if someone has a different opinion, they are attacked by people who talk about democracy. Who can understand. »

While it may seem curious for a football player to claim to belong to the culture of the favelas, Ney’s political stance is not hesitating to defend Vinicius in the face of racist attacks. Very common in the conservative soccer caste. It takes a good look at the space occupied by the evangelical current in Bolsonarian discourse.

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Bolsonaro took father Neymar to discuss his son’s tax concerns

Remember how much Neymar was teased for dragging a few pans behind him during Bolsonaro’s tenure. At the end of July 2022, the Regional Federal Court of the 3rd Region (TRF-3) granted habeas corpus to suspend the criminal investigation proceedings against PSG Attack for alleged tax evasion in Brazil since 2014. Initially 188 million reais was requested, but the reference was reduced to 8 million reais by the Financial Appeals Administrative Court in 2017, when Michel Temer was the country’s president.

Two years later, Jair Bolsonaro received Neymar’s father, who had come to “clarify” the 8 million reais demanded from his son. Bolsonaro later referred the player’s father to Economy Minister Paulo Guedez and then Federal Revenue Secretary Marcos Sintra because it was “technical in nature”. The case awaits its epilogue, and the meeting shows nothing more than the Neymar family feeling listened to by the outgoing president. A reason among many to support it.