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Bringing Kiryu back in Yakuza as Dragon 8 is ridiculous

Bringing Kiryu back in Yakuza as Dragon 8 is ridiculous

There are eight side red circles around Kiryu and Ichiban's faces.

How many times do you want to say goodbye, old man?
screenshot: Sega

Last night, we finally got a look at the next major game in yakuza series, like a dragon 8and the ad clip instantly people were racing online to collect Memes make fun of guys’ new hairstyle From the powerful longtime protagonist, Kiryu Kazuma. Although it’s good to know that Grandpa Koza is in new condition yakuza Game, I can’t help but ask out loud: Kiryu, baby, why are you still here? Didn’t we already say goodbye?

during the yakuza studio RGG Summit 2022Sega announced three new hit brands yakuza Toys: like a dragon 8; Like a dragon: Ishin, the historical samurai from the series set in a fictional version of Kyoto in the 1860s; And the Like the dragon jayden: the man whose name cleared, Which will depict the events in Kiryu Bin’s life Yakuza 6: The Song of Life And the like a dragon 8. Even though we already knew that LaD8 The game was comingThe announcement trailer confirmed that the game will have double heroes in Ichiban Kasuga and Kiryu.

Having double heroes or even multiple playable heroes is not new to yakuza series. Yakuza 0And the Yakuza 4And the Yakuza 5 All you have to do is play from the perspective of non-Kiryu characters. While I’m excited to see Kiryu’s An imaginary transport group in like a dragon‘s Dragon AdventureLike turn-based combatNarratively speaking, Kiryu’s return ignores the multiple narrative interventions he’s already received throughout the series and highlights just how ridiculous the dogs are. Yakuza 6a game advertised as his last adventure, was.


Before getting into spoilers, this one needs to be aired: Kiryu’s hair inside like a dragon 8 Bad. His barber let down the whole of Japan and gave a 51-year-old man luscious gray hair. Regardless of sports The best of his Vergil devil may cry disguiseI suppose there’s a pretty easy answer to why he’s wearing this new look for his midlife crunch. see in Yakuza 6Kiryu fights this guy named Jun Ji Hana korean man wearing a hairstyle similar to the one Kiryu is rocking Yakuza 8advertisement advertisement. It turns out that Joon-gi Han is an identity that has been passed down to people throughout the series, and Kiryu is rocking hair in like a dragon 8 It could mean that he now took the title for himself. However, let’s hope he only drew fashion inspiration from him, perhaps to disguise while doing some undercover work in stardust, Kamuroucho host club. Since Kiryu is friendly with the people who run the cabaret, it wouldn’t be out of the question for him, a man notorious for terrible disguise, to think this disguised appearance fooled anyone.

Now, why is it a bit frustrating to see like a dragonThe hero Ichiban is forced to share the spotlight with Kiryu on his next adventure.

Spoiler tag for the Yakuza series.

Throughout the mainline Yakuza series, Kiryu has received three send-offs. In Yakuza 5last sceneKiryu, lying in blood on the streets in the arms of his adopted daughter, Haruka, after a fierce battle. Then the camera turns away from his frail body and greets you with one word, “Ven”. If you were a gamer in the West in 2012, this ending basically reads like developer Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio’s way of saying, “Yes, Kiryu might be dead. Rip Pozo.”

But it turns out that Kiryu’s possible death was fake. Dude is as durable as a Nokia phone, and 2016 Yakuza 6: The Song of Life He saw his glorious return. However, the game was advertised as Kiryu’s last adventure, and his true custodian. Alas, the end of that last adventure was some nonsense.

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coronation Yakuza 6You see the story of Kiryu abandoning Haruka and “she still has the smell of a new baby”, Haruto. In Kiryu’s thick skull, he justified his departure as a way to protect his family of orphans from prosecution as a result of his criminal behavior. When I saw Kiryu abandon those he loved after spending 60 hours fighting to win back the family he made for himself, it felt like the exact opposite of his determination to stay with them at all costs, which is a hallmark of him throughout the series. needless to say, Yakuza 6His ending not only marred his “ultimate adventure” gameplay experience, but made his characterization up to that point feel criminally mismanaged.

king of games

But No one ever leftand 2021 Yakuza: like a dragon He saw Kiryu’s major return to the series as a super powerful side character who helps the protag Ichiban Kasuga near the end of the game. In a chapter literally called pass the torchKiryu, y’know, passes the torch to Ichiban at the end of their macho fight. The fight serves two purposes, allowing Ichiban to blow off some steam before doing something reckless and symbolizing Kiryu by giving the JRPG-loving hero his seal of approval as the series’ new hero. I think that was a silly lie.

For me, Kiryu returns as a double protag Yakuza 8 Puts a lot of pressure on him Like the Dragon Jayden: the man who erased his name to walk effectively Yakuza 6Half-baked and smooth around the reason for the next three yakuza The games will make the series “Oops! All Kiryu” for the next two years. Hopefully Kiryu’s presence doesn’t lead to our perception of Ichiban suffering from Worf . effect to go forward.

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