June 25, 2024

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BTS members embark on mandatory military service

BTS members embark on mandatory military service


members of BTSThe K-pop supergroup is planning to perform military service, the band’s record label confirmed on Monday, with Jin, the oldest member, aiming to begin the operation at the end of the month.

Military service is mandatory in South Korea, where nearly all healthy men are required to serve in the military for 18 months by the time they turn 28.

Parliament of South Korea A bill passed in 2020 Allowing pop stars – that is, those who “excel in popular culture and arts” – to defer their service until age 30.

With Jane turning 30 this year, and the band announcing a break in June from group music activities to pursue solo projects, the members are now planning to serve.

BTS is expected to meet as a group around 2025, according to BIGHIT Music.

The record company said it was looking into the timing of the band’s military service, “to respect the needs of the country and these healthy young people,” and said the time was “now.”

Group member Jin will begin the process once his individual release schedule ends at the end of October. The label then said he will follow the Korean government’s enlistment procedures, adding, “Other members of the group plan to perform their military service based on their individual plans.”

Reuters news agency reported that the country’s defense minister said in August that BTS may still be able to perform abroad while serving in the military.