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BYU receivers Boca Nacoa and Gunner Romney will miss Saturday’s game against Baylor due to injuries, sources said.


BYU will be without the team’s top two wide receivers when the 21 Cougars host No. 9 Baylor Saturday night, ESPN sources report.

junior Boca Naqua and senior Gunner Romney He is expected to miss the match. BYU coach Kalani Setaki said earlier in the week that they will be match-time decisions. Romney and Nacua account for 60% of BYU’s receiving yards, according to ESPN Stats & Info data.

Nacua, considered a dynamic NFL player, injured his right ankle and wore a boot during BYU’s win in South Florida last week. Romney, who is also on the NFL’s radars, missed that game with an undisclosed injury, which will also abstain from playing on Saturday.

The two were BYU’s returning receptionists from last season and are expected to play the role of quarterback Garen HallHis first goals in 2022. Prior to Nacua’s injury to USF, he scored two goals, including a 75-yard dash, in his first game in the game. Last season, Nacua finished with 805 yards and tied for the team’s second time with six touchdowns.

Romney in his fifth season at Brigham University yards, collected 1,900 yards in his career and received the full 10 yards. In Zach Wilson’s previous breakout season at BYU in 2020, Romney had 767 yards and six touchdowns. For his career, he averaged 16.2 yards per catch.

Their absence will leave BYU dependent on a running game, as the Cougars’ offensive line is the team’s strength. That unit struggled hard against the Bears in a 38-24 loss at Waco last year, however, only gaining 67 yards in 24 carry. BYU Tailback Christopher Brookswho moved from Cal, had his first break game against USF with 135 yards and a touchdown on 13 stands.

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Cougars will look at a female student Chase Robertsstudent in turnip Cody Epps A sophomore student Keanu Hill To fill in the blank at the receiver. The absence of Romney and Nakwa could also highlight BYU’s strong tight end tandem for the juniors. Isaac Rex and young Dalene Holkerboth considered strong prospects for the NFL.

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