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Chad Hariri has announced his retirement from political life


Chad Hariri, Lebanon’s prime minister from 2009 to 2011 and from 2016 to 2020, announced his retirement from political life on Monday, January 24. The main Lebanese Sunni leader, he noted in particular “Iranian influence” Over the country, the “Disorder in the international scene” And this “Internal Sections”.

Mr. Hariri, then entered the political arena In 2005, his father, former Prime Minister Rafiq Hariri, was assassinated, Announced his decision during a brief speech in Beirut. The announcement comes at a time when Lebanon is facing the worst socio-economic crisis in its history, despite a series of financial and political setbacks.

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“I suspend my participation in political life and invite my future political family to my path.”, Mr. Hariri called on the country’s main Sunni party not to field candidates in the assembly elections scheduled for May. “There are no favorable opportunities in Lebanon [en raison] Iranian influence in the country, disruption in the international arena, internal divisions, sectarianism and the collapse of the state. “, Described the former Prime Minister.

Repeated political crises

Saudi Arabia was once Mr Hariri’s key regional ally, believing that Riyadh was too lenient with the Shiite Hezbollah movement before their relationship deteriorated in recent years. Hezbollah Sunni in Lebanese politics Hezbollah Sunni is armed and funded by Shiite Iran, Saudi Arabia’s regional rival, and is the only Lebanese faction to have weapons since the civil war (1975-1990).

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Mr. Hariri has already led three governments. Since he first came to power in 2009, he has gradually developed a reputation for being a compromiser.

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He resigned for the third time About two weeks after the beginning of the popular struggles against the political class on October 17, 2019. Although he filed his candidacy on October 22, 2020 to form the government, He could not finish his mission Due to popular hatred and political divisions.

Following the 2018 legislative elections, Who strengthened the influence of Hezbollah, The number of seats in Mr Hariri’s parliamentary constituency has dropped by a third and some have linked the decline of his popularity to the political concessions he has made – which he says have been accepted, in order to preserve civil peace.

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