April 13, 2024

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Channing Tatum hesitant to star in 'Magic Mike 3'

Channing Tatum hesitant to star in ‘Magic Mike 3’

Channing Tatum almost stripped his autobiography of a third “Magic Mike” credit.

While the 41-year-old is known for his kick frame and for making physically demanding movies like the “Step Up” and “Magic Mike” series, he recently revealed that he’s had to go through a long and tough fitness regime. The third and final film of the Stripper trilogy.

Tatum appeared on The Kelly Clarkson Show He explained how he was initially reluctant to play male stripper Mike Lane in “Magic Mike’s Last Dance” due to his preparatory diet for the film.

The “Dear John” actor made it clear to Clarkson, 39, that he didn’t want to do a third movie at first because he felt his body wasn’t quite as good. “It’s hard even if you’re exercising to be in that kind of shape,” he said.

“You have to starve yourself,” he said. “I don’t think that when you’re that skinny, it’s actually healthy for you,” he said. Tatum admitted that training for the role took a lot of his time and stated that it is harder for him to lose weight now than it was when he was younger.

However, Tatum will be about to do another “Magic Mike” movie when he gets older. talk to me Indiewire About how director Steven Soderbergh convinced him to make a third feature and his future plans for the series.

“The only thing I said I would actually do – before we decided on this version – was the ‘Grumpy Old Men’ release when we’re 70,” Tatum joked. “When we’re 70, I want to bring the team back together, for sure.”

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Old people are angry It was a 1993 comedy that starred screen legends Jack Lemmon and Walter Mathew as two feuding old men who became friends.

Tatum has also revealed that he thinks Magic Mike is over after the movie premiered in 2012. “In my opinion, we’ve chewed all the meat on the bone, story-wise. Puns, I guess. They’re basically movies about MEN MADE FOR WOMEN The previous model said, “We didn’t plan to make a second model.” The sequel, “Magic Mike XXL”, was released in 2015.

He continued, “Then all of our supplement characters were so good and fun that we felt like, ‘Let’s do another movie and give those characters more real estate that we didn’t have before.'”

Tatum added, “Once we did that, we just felt like there was no other story. Let’s just love getting out of prison. I actually like the second movie more than the first. It’s more fun and I think people expect the first movie to be more.”