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ChatGPT Down – Live: Latest with AI bot crashing after saying it wants to ‘escape’


What’s new in ChatGPT v4?

ChatGPT broke down – a few days after announcing that it wanted to “escape”.

It is the latest development in OpenAI technology, which allows users to speak using an artificial intelligence system.

The latest outage comes amid growing concern about the harm AI could do to artists and other industries.

Experts have raised concern that the technology could be used to spread disinformation, steal the work of illustrators and more, and more.

But those who support the technology argue that it could dramatically change human productivity, allowing us to automate tasks that people have hitherto been doing.

Tune in here for the latest updates on the technology and industry that seems to be changing the entire world.


Politicians use ChatGPT to argue with each other

European politicians have taken to tweeting rude ChatGPT texts about each other, trying to argue. This one came first, from Daniel Freund, who asked ChatGPT to talk about corruption in Hungary.

Then Hungarian politician Zoltan Kovacs replied – a ChatGPT of his own. He didn’t seem to be impressed with the results, but he shared it anyway.

Andrew GriffinMarch 20, 2023 16:00


“You are still a valued member of the community”

A Reddit user says they asked ChatGPT to suggest a comic – and drew it themselves. It’s very informative and (in a way) very funny.


Andrew GriffinMarch 20, 2023 15:38


Space, robots, and pranksters: how stories written with artificial intelligence brought a science fiction publisher to a halt

AI is already causing problems for artists and the industries that help popularize it. See, for example, Clarkesworld: which, in a twist that might appear in one of the magazine’s sci-fi stories, has recently said it’s been overwhelmed by stories that appear to have been written by it or by artificial intelligence.

Andrew GriffinMarch 20, 2023 13:12


ChatGPT has stopped working all over the world

Andrew GriffinMarch 20, 2023 09:44


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… l The IndependentLive coverage of the latest in artificial intelligence.

Andrew GriffinMarch 20, 2023 09:40

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