June 23, 2024

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Children missing after plane crash in Amazon: Research, signs of life … gray areas around drama

Children missing after plane crash in Amazon: Research, signs of life … gray areas around drama

Four children went missing after a plane crashed in the Amazon rainforest in Colombia on May 1. The search continues and there is hope as more clues have been found in recent days. Yet between the president’s statements and citizens’ prayers, gray areas surround the research.

Leslie, 13, Solini, 9, Dien Noriel, 4, and Christine Neriman, 11 months, have not been heard from since their plane crashed on May 1 in the Amazon rainforest in Colombia. Research continues even after finding some signs of life in the wild. If the Colombian president Gustavo Pedro, Declaring them safe and sound last week, he retracted his statement.

How can we explain this disappearance and theories about the status of these four juveniles in the entire tropical forest? Gray areas persist, and people try to keep hope. The Colombian Catholic Church has organized a national prayer time this Sunday “for their reappearance”.


On May 1, a Cessna 2026 with 7 people on board crashed near the city of San Jose del Guerrero. bodies 3 adults Found near the wreckage, but no sign of the 4 children from this family. The 11-month-old, 4-year-old, 9-year-old and 13-year-old may have survived, and local civil defense hopes to find them alive soon.

According to Colombian media reports, the children were with their mother (who died in the accident) along with their father in Bogotá, when the family was forced to leave the village where they lived in the jungle. FARC rebels.

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Citizens’ Prayers

This Sunday, Colombian media Blueradio The Colombian Catholic Church announced this Sunday that it will organize a day dedicated to prayer for finding children.

We thank the Colombian Army in the middle of our country’s Amazon jungle for finding these four children. We trust in the Lord that they will return to their homes.

Residents of the country are closely following the research on these minors, and the case raises as many concerns as it does questions.

The President revises his statement

At the height of the drama in the media, the announcement by the Colombian President finally said that the 4 children had been found safe and sound on Wednesday, May 17, before being withdrawn the following day.

Gustavo Pedro later announced that “The Military forces And tribal communities will continue their tireless quest to deliver the message the country is waiting for.”

Signs of life?

Several clues suggest that the children are still alive. Most of them 100 Army Search operation “Espérance” reported finding personal effects near the plane on Tuesday, including a bottle, a pair of scissors and a hair tie and partially eaten fruit. Western France.

#LoÚltimo | Thanks to the orientation of Nuestro Canino Ulises, Fuerzas Especiales found an improved shelter and components, which Darien pointed to the Rostro of Menors lost in the crash of the Cessna 206 plane. pic.twitter.com/dxTPbZqkPA

— Fuerzas Militares de Colombia (@FuerzasMilCol) May 17, 2023

The next day, they found out “Temporary shelter made of sticks and branches”. Finally, the footprints were found on Thursday during the search. With all this evidence, researchers are confident of finding at least one child.

#LoÚltimo | there #OperationEsperanza continued. Nuestras Fuerzas Especiales con más de 100 hombres inserted in this humanitarian mission, encontraron huellas cerca a riachuelo que serían de los menores pararecidos en la Selva del #Caqueta. #ProtegemosLaVida pic.twitter.com/CthiFCzNZ1

— Fuerzas Militares de Colombia (@FuerzasMilCol) May 18, 2023

More than 100 players including dog teams, Mentioned South West. In support, three helicopters alternately broadcast over loudspeakers, “capable of covering an area of ​​about 1,500 meters,” recorded by the children’s grandmother in their dialect, Uidoto.

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At night, a military aircraft launches flares and ground troops move into the jungle with night vision goggles, “allowing Operation Esperanza to continue its missions around the clock.”