June 15, 2024

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China and the Philippines are blaming each other for the boat collision

China and the Philippines are blaming each other for the boat collision

On Sunday, October 22, a collision occurred between a Chinese coast guard ship and a Philippine supply boat near a small garrison in the South China Sea.

The Philippines has condemned “Dangerous, irresponsible and illegal activities”. “Dangerous interception maneuvers by Chinese Coast Guard Vessel 5203 caused it to collide with a supply boat. (…) Under contract with the Armed Forces of the Philippines » In the Spratlys, about 25 kilometers from the second Thomas Shoal atoll where the Philippine Navy is stationed, a government task force said.

China presented the action of its coast guardand “Professional” And “legally” And blamed the Philippines “on purpose” caused conflict. Philippine Boat “Several Warnings Ignored” Chinese Coast Guard and “intentionally causing trouble” Ahead of the clash, the Chinese Foreign Ministry criticized the Chinese Foreign Ministry in a statement, state television CCTV was quoted as saying.

Sovereignty in the Spratly Archipelago is at stake

Vietnam, Brunei and Malaysia both dispute sovereignty over several islands and reefs in the Spratly Archipelago. Beijing claims it all, and all locals control a piece of it.

Last month, the Philippines accused the Chinese coast guard of firing water cannons at Philippine ships carrying equipment for its military personnel sent to the second Thomas Shoal atoll under Manila’s control.

In 1999, the Philippines deliberately sank a military boat PRP Sierra Madre, on the atoll, with the intention of turning it into an outpost, asserting their claims to sovereignty against China. The ship caused tension between Beijing and Manila. Philippine marines aboard depend on resupply operations to survive.

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