April 14, 2024

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China protects its vaccines against delta type

Like many countries, China is facing a wave of lawsuits due to delta variability. Four Chinese vaccines appear to be less effective against this strain of corona virus, although officials are keen to reassure the population and the countries where the dose was purchased.

China did not escape the delta variation wave. Like many, Nadum looks anxiously at the arrival of the new strain. In Wuhan and a dozen cities for the first time since May 2020, the number of cases is increasing significantly. Massive screening activities are underway, but officials are concerned that most patients have been vaccinated.

Four Chinese vaccines are currently approved in the country, and they have allowed the country to administer nearly 1.7 billion doses. But they are not very effective against new strains. In spite of everything, the authorities want to make promises. Current studies show that the protection of the Govit-19 vaccine against delta strain may be reduced. “But the current vaccine has a good preventive and protective effect against the disease and its worst effects,” the deputy director of the Chinese Center for Health recently said.

The third injection?

Another source of concern is that China exports more than 600 million doses of the vaccine to all countries. Here again, their performance varies greatly. In many widely used countries such as Mongolia, Seychelles and Chile, more than 70% of the population is vaccinated, and infections associated with delta variation are still on the rise.

The question now arises of a third injection that could take place in the fall in China to boost immunity.

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