April 15, 2024

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Chris Evert nicknames Roger Federer's wife Mirka as "The Rock"

Chris Evert calls Roger Federer’s wife Mirka ‘The Rock’

Chris Evert, after seeing how Mirka consoled Roger Federer during his retirement event at the Laver Cup, was nicknamed the wife of the Swiss maestro. “The Rock,” Evert nicknamed Mirka on Twitter.

At the end of the match, the tears of Rafael Nadal, Roger’s friend and rival, impressed but the most tender embrace was Mirka (wife), the parents and children of the Swiss tennis player, who all gathered around Roger’s wife.

Roger Federer is the only one who made Evert cry

Chris Evert sent a video message to Roger Federer in which she expressed her love for him and said that he is the only player that makes her cry when he loses.

Watch the video here: Chris Evert admits Roger Federer was the only one who made her cry. “Hey, Roger! It’s Chrissy. I guess I dreaded doing this video for so long because it means you’re going to retire, but I just want you to know that I appreciate how amazing my kids are with my sons early years when you always came out of the locker room to say hello to them.”

I just want you to know, along with the beauty of your game, what impressed me the most was that you were such a great sport on and off the court. Win or lose, you are only a dignified and gentleman. You know you are my favorite player.

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You’ve always been my favorite player, and you know you’re the only player I cry when you lose. So these two things are important to me. Anyway, good luck to you and be happy,” Chris Evert said in the video. In addition to the above, Evert recently suggested to Federer that he start an academy.

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