May 28, 2024

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Chun-Li and the new character shown in the trailer for Street Fighter 6

Chun-Li and the new character shown in the trailer for Street Fighter 6

We got a second look at Street Fighter 6, and this time we got a lot of new information.

In addition to seeing what appears to be a single-player adventure mode, Capcom has also shared screenshots of Chun-Li, a brand-new character named Jamie, and early gameplay footage. Check it out for yourself below.

When the trailer starts, we see the Shenmue/open world side of this game, as you explore the Metro City. The figure that Shoryukens runs and performs is compelling, and may be of a character that “creates a character”.

While we get some glimpses of the Capcom family, like Damnd/Thrasher from Final Fight, we get gameplay footage of four fighters: Ryu, Luke, Chun-Li, and Jamie.

During these glimpses of gameplay, we notice Ryo wearing a cloak, somewhat similar to the Sagat from Street Fighter 5. Jamie brings his own style – based on drunken boxing – that includes breakdancing and drinking to unleash.

Andy Wong from Capcom says in the new PS . Blog Post.

Chun-Li looks a little older than Street Fighter 5, wears an updated uniform, and looks like he’s either training or arguing with a disciple type character. This character is a younger girl with headphones, glasses, a skirt, and a hairstyle not unlike Chun at all. Her model looks somewhat embodied, which means we can see her as a playable character at the end.

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There are two phases that appear as we watch Luke vs. Luke turns blue and dodges Jamie’s four hits at one point, and Ryu performs a more elegant Chun’s flip kick before continuing with the Dragon Punch.

Ryu also performs a type of impact maneuver where he runs and ducks under (Dudley vibes) before apparently calling it forward naturally, then eventually into a sort of Hadoken attack.

We see again the very colorful paint spray art style that we brought back in Street Fighter 6 reveals trailer. It’s also worth noting, as you may have seen in this story banner, that the infamous SF6 logo has been updated.

Capcom gives us an official description: Experience a whole new era of Street Fighter with a system designed for creativity, vibrant art direction, and new modes that will re-imagine the fighting game genre.

So far we only know Street Fighter 6 is heading to both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, as it remains to be seen if the title will be available on Microsoft, Nintendo, and PC. However, Capcom stated that it Focus too much on the computer for their main platform.

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