March 22, 2023

Balkan Travellers

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Concerns: The price of a bottle of sunflower oil may double, the price increase announced for bread, pastries, eggs, ham, milk, meat, flour or butter … Video

This Sunday morning Jean-Pierre Elkabbach’s guest, FNSEA Vice President Arnaud Rousseau, predicted that food prices would continue to rise in the coming weeks. The mistake that can easily get your claim denied is to fail.

“Prices will continue to rise as farmers put fuel in their tractors. Like all French people, they use a limited number of products and fertilizers, which increases drastically due to energy costs,” he pointed out. This will inevitably affect prices in stores.

“Taking the oil example, A bottle of sunflower oil costs about 1.50 euros. It has started to increase and within the next few months it will reach 3 euros.“Arnaud Rousseau warned.

But if the increase in wheat affects the flour, the bread should also be logically affected. “If the flour increases by 30%, On the other hand, the wand does not increase by the same percentage. It may still climb 5 or 10 cents. Wheat, rapeseed, corn and soy are needed to feed the chicken. These are crops that require maintenance and the price of agricultural machinery is rising. So meat, eggs …

“Worse for the pork producers! Their margins were already low, but with the war in Ukraine, if they were not helped, they would leave the business …” said Cedric Henry, president of FDSEA 35 and a farmer.

With that, The price of ham and other meat cuts from pork can be seen “very soon”, maybe even 30%, in the end! Says Cedric Henry.

Similarly, milk can eventually increase, and so can cream and butter. And because of the high cost of milk, butter, cream, eggs and flour, as well as the high cost of energy, the price of cakes baked by bakers will automatically increase.

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