Saturday, July 20, 2024

Confusion as Persona 5 returns to the PS Plus collection in some regions


to update: From what we can see, Persona 5 is now back on the PlayStation Plus collection in North America as well. However, there is no sign of this in Europe yet.

Original story: Persona 5 – this is the base game, not to be confused with Persona 5 Royal – seems to have found its way back into the game. PS Plus collection…but only in specific regions at the time of writing. From what we can tell (and as spotted Reset), the RPG is back in the soon-to-be-finished collection in Brazil and other South American countries, which makes us wonder if it will be brought back elsewhere soon.

Persona 5 was strangely removed from the PS Plus batch in May last year, and we never found out why. It was speculated that Atlus pulled the title before Persona 5 Royal was released on PS5 and other platforms. If true, it would lead to the surprising return of Persona 5 for Every Stranger.

And just as a reminder, the PS Plus collection will no longer exist as of May 9th. Remember to add her games to your library before they’re gone!