May 26, 2024

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Connecting the 2023 Patriots draft class

Connecting the 2023 Patriots draft class

former classmates

A few prospects have spent time as teammates and college rivals, with kicker Chad Ryland and contractor Bryce Barringer having both spent time at Michigan State.

“Chad and I have known each other for a long time, from his days at Eastern Michigan and then to the Big Ten with him in Maryland this year,” Barringer said. “And then also some familiarity, we were teammates in Senior Bowl. So that was really cool just to see him go and then be able to take the call. It would be fun to be able to relate to him.”

Ryland was also a teammate with Eastern Michigan’s Lady Sow, and the friends were excited to know they had arrived with the same professional franchise.

“My master is my man,” said Ryland. “We actually had a FaceTime call together not too long after we worded it. I think there were a few tears in both of our eyes. It was a very emotional moment for us. We’ve been really, really, really good friends from the time we’ve been in East Michigan”.

“Chad is a stud,” Sou said on his post-recruit call. “He’s the top scorer in the nation, and he’s going to be one of the best players in the NFL. So I’m 100% excited. As a person, I love him. He’s a great guy. We’ve known each other for a while. I still talk to him to this day. We are Great partners in Call of Duty and it’s crazy that again, my teammates.”

“Bryce is my man,” Spade said. “He was one of the guys when I first came in who took me in and was just a really nice, real friend… He wanted to be the best person he could be, and that showed throughout the season. What I saw in the matches, he was probably more insane in practice. He’s a player.” A real team. He’ll be willing to work and kick some great balls. He’s a great guy though, definitely a great guy.”