October 6, 2022

Balkan Travellers

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Covid-19: 80,000 tourists stranded on Chinese island after coronavirus cases detected

All flights and trains have been cancelled. Tourists wishing to leave Hainan Island in southern China must provide five negative PCR tests in the past seven days.

In this situation, you need to be patient. On Hainan Island in southern China, More than 80,000 tourists are inhibited in the latter place Diagnosis of Covid-19. Authorities have canceled all local trains and flights.

Hainan Lockdown, Confusion at Santa’s Airport The authority apologized, promised free room & board, but the crowd chanted: We want to go home.

Nothing is free without freedom. pic.twitter.com/XJgyxDNlsK

— Hao HONG 洪灝, CFA (@HAOHONG_CFA) August 6, 2022

According to information from France info, The coastal city of Sanya has reported 483 casesIt has a population of over one million. Five negative PCR tests In the last seven days, you can leave the island.

Zero Covid strategy

Hainan hotels offer their customers a 50% discount until travel restrictions are lifted, with public spaces such as spas, karaoke or bars closed for several days.

China is the only country that continues to apply Zero Covid strategy. It imposes prisons and long quarantines that punish both local tourism and the population.

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