May 21, 2024

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Coward: Bill Gates warns of the arrival of a “more deadly” new variant than Delta and Omigran

Coward: Bill Gates warns of the arrival of a “more deadly” new variant than Delta and Omigran

Bill Gates, the billionaire philanthropist and founder of Microsoft, predicts that in the future the emergence of new variants of Covit-19 will be “even more vicious and dangerous” for humans. In one book he presents his best plan to prevent a new global epidemic.

The personality most involved in the Govt-19 crisis is the billionaire ர சி து Gates Addressed the issue of management a Global infection In a book titled “How to prevent the next epidemic” to be published in the United States this Tuesday, May 3rd.

“Is the world ready for the next explosion? What can we do to be better prepared?” The founder of Microsoft is surprised at an area that has been published The Wall Street Journal.

As the war in Ukraine dominates the international agenda, Bill Gates is urging world leaders Do not lose sight of the health crisis. In Financial TimesHe still calls for investment Prevent future infections. “It seems crazy to me that we can not see this tragedy and not make these investments on behalf of the citizens of the world,” he said.

To avoid another COVID-19 – or worse – the world needs a full-time, payroll team whose whole job is to prevent infection. I call it GERM:

—Bill Gates (illBillGates) April 29, 2022

New, more dangerous varieties

Because according to him, The worst has not yet come… “There is still a risk of developing this infection Vary It will be more contagious and even more so Deadly“, He argues. One prediction is not really the same, a little backwards, mankind was able to face the catastrophic variation. Delta For the ultra transmissible omigron variant in recent months. No need to mention subtypes Type XD, BA.2, BA.4 …

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“It’s not possible, I do not want to be A pessimistic voiceBut the risk is good Over 5% This epidemic is more than just taking a serious turn. We never saw the worst

How to deal with it?

So, can the world manage a new crisis more serious than Govt disease? Maybe if countries join hands and start creating some kind of WHO on steroids dedicated only to crisis management.

The Germs (Response and mobilization for global epidemic), according to Bill Gates, will be the new planetary agency to respond to such problems.

“It simply came to our notice thenWell-funded global organization With adequate full-time experts in all required fields, credibility and authority, all in one public institution and with a clear mandate to focus on preventing epidemics. “

According to his calculations, creating such a system “A good deal“Compared to the dazzling price for a new epidemic.” I estimated the cost of operating the GERM team. $ 1 billion per yearTo cover the salaries and equipment, travel and other expenses of 3,000 people. To put that figure forward, $ 1 billion a year is less than 0.1% of annual global defense spending, ”the billionaire estimated.