June 16, 2024

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Create a portrait of a person from their DNA?

Create a portrait of a person from their DNA?

A system capable of creating a portrait from an individual’s DNA

Coresite claims it can create a face from a person’s DNA. This face can be subjected to facial recognition. Find the face of a criminal from his DNA, the concept seems incredible indeed!

But many scientists are skeptical. However, the idea is not new: in 2017, an American company claimed to have predicted the morphology of face, voice, eye color, skin and height of 1000 people from their genes alone. And then there are the ethical issues, if you can actually identify a person from their DNA, all genes collected for research are far from anonymous.

Travel at the Speed ​​of Light: Science Fiction Challenges Scientists

The speed of light is limited, which is about 300,000 kilometers per second. Our current knowledge does not permit any material to travel faster, but it is theoretically possible to have blobs of spacetime traveling faster than light.

Scientists from the Applied Physics Group looked into the problem. Their conclusion: A spaceship at the speed of light is currently completely implausible. Superluminal journeys should be in the realm of science fiction for a long time!

How often should we wash our sheets?

According to a New York University microbiologist, we spend a third of our lives in bed, which can quickly become a “botanical garden.” In fact, we produce about 100 liters of sweat in bed every year!

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So in the folds of our sheets is a microcosm of bacteria, dust mite debris, dandruff, skin cells and all sorts of excrement. Our pillows contain between 4 and 17 different types of fungi.

“Do I really want to sleep in this?” Ask yourself, all of these are very close to our mouth and nose and we need to breathe. To avoid all this, the American microbiologist advises to wash our sheets once a week.