June 1, 2023

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Crisis in Sudan: Convoy of French people attacked by plane leaving embassy, ​​one injured, according to FSR

The United States has expelled its diplomats from Sudan and France and other European countries, which began a swift expulsion of their nationals on Sunday. Eight days.

The militants accused each other of attacking a convoy of French nationals, and each said a Frenchman was injured. The Quai d’Orsay, which announced on Sunday morning that France was coordinating the evacuation, did not immediately comment on the information.

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Crisis in Sudan: France expels its nationals and diplomats

“The plane was shot down”

According to FSR: “The Rapid Support Forces were attacked by planes while evacuating French nationals from their embassy, ​​heading towards Omdurman via Bahri, injuring one of them and risking their lives. In full coordination with the French government, the evacuation convoy of French nationals moved from the French Embassy this morning to Omdurman via Bahri town, where He was attacked and the plane was shot down.”.

On the morning of 23 April 2023, while evacuating French nationals from their embassy and en route to Omdurman via Bahri, the Rapid Support Forces were attacked by aircraft, which endangered the lives of French nationals by injuring one of them. The remaining… pic.twitter.com/Ixos7riMlT

— Rapid Support Forces – قوة المدين السريع (@RSFSudan) April 23, 2023

“This flagrant violation of international and humanitarian law and the declared ceasefire was observed and followed by members of the French Embassy who documented the incident. To protect the safety of French citizens, the Force d’Rapid Support Convoy should bring in a support convoy in the face of this cowardly attack. Rapid support forces will ensure the declared cease-fire, citizens receive necessary services, and foreigners Reaffirm their full commitment to opening humanitarian corridors to facilitate movement to areas designated by their governments.”.

The Sudanese military also accused the RSF of attacking and looting a Qatari convoy en route to Port Sudan on the Red Sea. Doha did not immediately respond. Egypt said a member of its delegation was shot and wounded in Sudan, giving no further details.

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