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Crossover from Paul’s Store is now officially ‘Beastie Boys Square’


Ludlow and Rivington in New York

Ludlow and Rivington in New York
picture: Brad Parkt (Getty Images)

Nine years after the campaign first began, efforts to rename a Manhattan street corner “Bestie Boys Square” are finally paying off. This is it for every consequencereporting Posted by Beastieboysquare Instagramwhich broke the happy news this weekend.

The intersection, on Ludlow Street and Rivington Street in New York City, will be familiar to fans of the influential rap trio for one very simple reason: It’s the intersection shown on the cover photo for the band’s 1989 album, boutique bowl. (A project in itself a decade of patience with slow Early sales and consumer confusion Eventually giving way to doubling platinum status by 1999.)

The New York City Council approved the proposal this week, after voting several times in the past against it, on the grounds that Mike D, MCA and Ad-Rock did not properly meet the usual criteria for an honorary designation (i.e., usually some measure of voluntary commitment to the area concerned; We’ve been arguing that 30 years of free advertising should be counted on Somethinganyway.)

The New York Post LeRoy McCarthy quotesone of the main advocates of change, who responded to the vote with a succinct reminder, while at it It took a minute to get it done. “Hip-hop does not stop.” McCarthy added, “It’s been a long way to get Beastie Boys Square done, but I’m glad to see the New York government officially adopting original hip-hop art and culture, and the street sign is so fitting because hip-hop is from the streets of New York City.”

Beastie Boys Square is one of several honorary names approved by the board this week, although, to our knowledge, it is the only one that celebrates the concept of no sleep until board recognition. The news comes as the surviving members of the Beastie Boys prepare to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the group’s third album, check your headwith a vinyl reissue next month.

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