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Daniel Durston talks about Taylor therapy – Big Brother Network


many Big Brother 24 Fans and house guests were delighted to see Elvis impersonator Daniel Durston walk out that door Thursday night, a month after he made controversial remarks to fellow housemate Taylor Hill.

So far, all evacuees (or self-evacuated home hosts) have experienced Taylor’s treatment at home, and Daniel’s exit interviews were no different. Even the fact that he doesn’t seem to remember exactly what he said. He says that what has been said is certainly not justified and hopes to correct his mistakes.

Weekly told us the comments “all sound awful” when asked what things he said about Taylor. He says he understands why people are upset with him.

Entertainment Weekly also reminded Daniel of some of the things he said, particularly in the bathroom incident when he told Taylor “f*ck right off.”

“Leaving the house, he obviously sits terribly with me,” Daniel told EW. “That’s not how I want it to be. It’s not the way I wanted it to be portrayed. But I am a loyal person in my real life. I didn’t know he was going to move into the game. Life in this house is what you’ve been told and what you’ve experienced in person. So, with what has been said Lee, I thought I was on the right side of things. Unfortunately, it seems I’m not. I look forward to watching it again and correcting my mistakes. Definitely.”

Entertainment Weekly also didn’t miss the opportunity to rub salt into his wounds by asking him how he felt about losing the jury.

“It’s annoying not having a jury, I gotta tell you,” Daniel told EW. “I had a full BB Experiment with HOH first, which is what I wanted. I know this is technically bad, but I wanted to. She backed off for the second week, vetoed and got the last two on day two. The one thing I didn’t fully get was the jury – and winning, of course. But it was a dream come true. And in the end, I wanted to leave the house at this point. I was ready to go. So I don’t leave with no regrets – I’m against watching it again and correcting my mistakes, of course.”

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Sources: us weeklyAnd the Entertainment Weekly

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