Thursday, July 25, 2024

“Dead Space” highlights the biggest problem with AAA games


Somehow, dead space It is one of the latest games of 2023. The original version that hit store shelves in 2008 and the new version, which was released in January, do not change the core game mechanics. Remake is fun to play straight. It’s terrifying, fast-paced, and expertly balanced. dead spaceThe core loop is focused, and that just highlights how messy many AAA games are today.

The built-in limitations of the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 era were crucial in helping developers narrow their focus and innovate, and this generation has spawned a string of iconic franchises, including Dead Space, Dark Souls, Dishonored, Red Dead Redemption, Portal, Alan Wake, and Arkham. . Meanwhile, developers on the ninth console generation grapple with an abundance of technological possibilities, based on the power and fidelity of modern gaming hardware. This has led to a chaotic streak from many AAA studios in recent years. In a creative industry that is unlimited in its tools, the most powerful mechanic is self-control.

Dive into this conversation in the video below.

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