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DeMeco Ryans’ 49-foot defense sucks life off Rams’ Sean McVay in a big win


San Francisco 49ers Defensive coordinator DeMeco Ryans was an exciting name at the end of last season. He was leading a group that was, after last October, the best defense in football.

Ryans gave an interview to Minnesota Vikings For their job as head coach outside last season but they turned down a second interview. He will have plenty of interviews to come if the 49ers defense continues to play like it has so far this season.

against a Los Angeles Rams Offensive led by esteemed coach Sean McVeigh, the 49ers did it all right. They had seven bags of five players. The defense did not allow to land, and he scored a goal himself. Helps get players like Nick Bossa And the Fred Warner By your side, but Ryan had all the answers for McVeigh’s crime on Monday night. It was a clinic by Ryans against a training star who won the Super Bowl eight months ago.

The 49ers beat the Rams 9–24 In a huge game of their season on Monday night. They move to 2-2, which is the same number of rams. The decisive match in the fourth quarter was the result of a 49-man defense, adequately enough. Matthew Stafford It seemed right and closed to it cooper cupHis only reliable option. Safety Niners Talanoa Huvanga Hopping way up, snapping the fairway and returning 52 yards. The 49ers’ defense reached the end zone, something the Rams’ attack didn’t do once on Monday night.

The 49ers defense will keep them in contention for the playoffs throughout the season. As long as Ryans leads that unit, they can count on even more dominance in the future.

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49ers coernerback Diodoro Lenoir Midfielder Matthew Stafford is sacked during San Francisco’s win. (Photo from Associated Press/Jeff Lewis)

49ers defense has another great performance

The 49ers had constant pressure on Stafford. There were clever homecoming acrobatics and well-timed eclectic flicks. McVeigh told ESPN there were a lot of mental errors in protection, but the credit goes to the 49ers. The Rams had problems because the 49ers mixed them so well. The 49ers also didn’t seem to miss an intervention.

The 49ers turned the Rams into a one-dimensional offense. Nobody can cover a cup. But Kupp was the only crime Los Angeles committed. Everything else was cut off. And Kopp didn’t get as many short passes as any defense would take. He finished with 122 yards in 14 catches. The 49ers can live with that. The Rams totaled only 257 yards on Monday night.

49ers offense is a work in progress, but it is Debo Samuelwho broke the biggest game in the game, a 57-yard touchdown as he got a short pass and Run through the rams On his way to the end zone. Samuel got 115 yards. The 49ers have playmakers in attack led by Samuel, and the situation should improve as the season continues.

The defense will be elite. The 49 players can call up a game knowing the defense won’t give up much. It appears to be the best defense in football, and Ryans will start to become one of the famous names in the coaching world.

49ers, DeMeco captures Ryans last season

Last season, the 49ers defense carried the team to the NFC Championship game and in the final quarter of that match, the Rams was stuck with seven points. Over the last 12 games of the 49ers last season including the playoffs, they allowed more than 327 yards only twice. Once upon a time was the overtime win over the ultimate AFC champion Cincinnati Bengals. The 49ers have been great defensive players for most of last season.

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This led to Ryan getting some training buzz. long time Houston Texas And the Philadelphia Eagles Linebacker – he was the 2008 NFL Newcomer and was a two-time professional player – took over the role of coordinator when Robert Saleh left to become New York Jets“The coach, and he was fantastic on the job right away. He was still an active player in 2015 so he connected well with the players. He is only 38 and the league is moving towards hiring younger coaches.

He would be a great candidate outside next season, especially now that he has shown that 2021 was not a fluke. He’ll be fighting with some attack-minded coaches for jobs, but it’s going to be an exciting name. This assumes that 49 players continue to play in defense as if they had played the first four games of the season. This shouldn’t be a problem.

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