June 16, 2024

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Demonstrators in front of TF1 headquarters in Paris before an interview with Benjamin Netanyahu at LCI

Demonstrators in front of TF1 headquarters in Paris before an interview with Benjamin Netanyahu at LCI

Benjamin Netanyahu’s interview aired this Thursday evening on LCI

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu “Darius will answer Rosebin’s questions during an exclusive interview this Thursday, May 30 from 8:30 p.m.”, TF1 contacted the group’s news channel.

Among the themes discussed: the ongoing attack in Rafah (…), the situation in the Gaza Strip, the decision of the prosecutor of the International Criminal Court to seek an arrest warrant against him, the fate of the hostages Hamas promises the channel.

Forty-five people died on Sunday after an Israeli military attack on a camp for displaced people in Rafah sparked a wave of international condemnation, according to the Gazan ministry. Mr. Netanyahu expressed regret “A tragic mistake”.

Many elected officials from La France were outraged at the televised interview. “In France, we get war criminal Netanyahu on TV”, In X scolded Jean-Luc Mélenchon, the founder of the movement. Franco-Palestinian judge Rima Hassan, seventh on the LFI list in the European elections, soon called for a rally. Writing about That“There is no question that the words of a war criminal will be broadcast this evening.”.

The head of the Israeli government and his defense minister, Yoav Galand, are the subject of arrest warrants from International Criminal Court prosecutor Karim Khan for crimes against humanity (extermination, murder, torture and other inhumane acts). as well as war crimes (murder, physical and mental harm, cruel treatment, deliberate attacks against civilians and deliberate starvation).

In another of his requests, the prosecutor filed charges against Yahya Shinowar, the leader of Hamas in Gaza, the movement’s military chief, Mohammed Taif, and Ismail Haniyeh, the head of its political bureau, for crimes against humanity (extermination, murder, hostage-taking, torture, rape and sexual violence) and war crimes, assaults on personal dignity. (Atrocious behavior).

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